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Monday, December 20, 2010

Pretty Offices and Randomness Thrown In

Randomness today.

Hubby and I have a Secret Santa. Whoever they are, they've gone to a lot of trouble to get us these gifts as the bags are adorable. I'll show you more as they come along, but this was the first bag along with a tree. Each night we've received an ornament and a candy bar (squeeeeeal, but I'm becoming so sick of candy I can barely look at it at the moment!). This little bag had to take quite a bit of effort.


This shiny ornament I received as a surprise gift from Pat at The Urban Chic. She's just a sweet hearted gal!

This is a calendar our granddaughter gave us this Christmas of Miss Caroline, her daughter. I've made just a few scans of it to show you. What is more beautiful than a newborn's baby fuzz...

or the tiny little eyelashes on her when she's so fresh from Heaven?

Her darling big blue eyes that just fascinate her Nana (me)!

Her mummy put her in one of my baby dresses so we can see the difference of almost 70 years.

My favorite sandwich is chicken salad. I'm pretty fussy about my food but especially my chicken salad. My recipe is my favorite, and it's so very simple: chopped up chicken breasts sprinkled with Mrs. Dash roasted for about a half hour in the oven, pecans (they are sweeter than any other nut), mayonnaise, sour cream and celery. Then put on bread with cream cheese and a leaf of lettuce. Best sandwich in the world according to me and hubby. Ham salad is my 2nd favorite and then just plain ham sandwich is my 3rd favorite. Here is a lunch hubs and I had recently: chicken salad sandwiches and red potato salad. Yuuummm!

Can you see the layer of cream cheese? Ooooooooo!!!!

I saw these boots on a website advertisement and though you'd like seeing them. Idahoans take their boots quite seriously, ya know!


Leopard skin with roses! My favorite. And they come in Wellies also.

And they come in psychedelic for you aging hippies.

Just some offices I like. Now, they may not be your style, but you can certainly adept these offices to your own style and budget. Get ideas from the accessories and the styles.

Curiously enough, this one is my favorite. Ooh, I'd change some things but I just love this one and it doesn't look like a huge space either. The light is another thing I love about it.