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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Clothes Pin Bag Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, my sweet little chickadees, it has taken me just about the better part of the morning to print out, cut up, fold and stuff a box with all the "GiveAway" participants. BUT we finally have a winner. That winner is:


Congratulations, my cutie pie!!!!!

"Pink Saturday"!

Yep, it's Pink Saturday and Beverly is hosting it. Just go and visit everyone who wants to show you all their pink stuff. Mine is below and I definitely live "PINK"!!

A little glass lamp I painted and decoupaged is in my family room on a book case shelf.

Just a little part of my trellis.

A pedestal cake stand of faux petit fours and truffles on my kitchen counter.

A set of salt and pepper shakers in the shape of a pink rose. How could I resist?!

Watermelon! Are we hungry yet? It was a delicious one too.

Pink storage in my craft/sewing room. Just a fraction of it!!!

Pink scissors and ribbons.

Pink in my closet!

Pink on my dresser in our bedroom.

Even my scripture bag is PINK!

Pink roses waiting for me to iron the tablecloth and dresser scarf. Like that's gonna happen any time soon???? ;-)

Even my plastic bags come in PINK!

Maraschino cherries might be stretching the pink part but I LOVE them and they are soooo pretty.

A little tin container I found years ago and keep some buttons in it.

A "fraction" of my pink fabrics!!!

My newly acquired pink iridescent pearlized bowl and I've decided to keep it. Some other PINK things.

Pink towels in our guest bathroom, of course.

Okay, okay, now I'm gonna cry. I bought these shoes just before I had foot surgery last year and they won't fit now!!! Sob...sob....sniffle.....ratz!!! I've have to give them away or something. They're brand new and never been worn!! Sniff.... How can one chick's feet go from a 9 M to a 10 WW when all he did was take off a bit of bone?!?!?! He "added" instead of "subtracted"!!

A chair in our bedroom. Hubs, better known as Love Bunny, has been known to toss a few clothes on there. As a matter of fact, I'm surprised we can even see it today. This is MILD compared to what he can do to it. Can we say "3 changes of clothing at once"?!?! Hmmm???