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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things I Never Knew About

Now, I do realize since we don't have a TV anymore that I miss out on a lot of new stuff coming out of corporations, but I had no idea they could make something that kept your toilet cleaner without a brush!

Sitting in my dentist's office about a week ago I was watching their TV when a commercial came on advertising Scrubbing Bubbles toilet gel. Well, I rushed right out to get it as soon as these size 9 feet could carry me. Truly, I was skeptical but I hate cleaning the toilet so much that I told Love Bunny I was going to spend the $3.42 to try it. If it helped, good deal and if not, I was only out a few dollars. Well, let me tell ya, chicks, this stuff really does keep the toilets cleaner in our house. I am NOT getting paid a penny to tell you this! I really do like it. I'd show you our toilet but convention/decency prevents me. Just take my word for it. I haven't swished the toilet with a brush for over a week now. Fantastic stuff!!!!

Recently after having a bone density test done the nurse recommended calcium. I hate taking pills and will usually do so only if it means me dying before I see my great grandchildren, finish all I need to do to this house or redecorating the rooms. But when I saw these in the WM store I thought "what the heck" and grabbed a bag of them. Calcium caramels?! Yessssss, it also satisfies my sweet tooth. Can 10 of these a day be considered too much calcium? I sure hope not but LB limits them for me to one each day. Delicious. I never knew calcium could taste so good.