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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Camping In The Wilds Of Idaho Sept 2009

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Things I learned during our 4 days in the "wilds of Idaho":

I found out why our ancestors life expectancy wasn't very long: they lived like campers.

And my "essentials" for the trip were moisturizer, toothbrush, water pic, sunglasses and books!

My nails were completely destroyed.

Love Bunny "watered" every tree in camp.

Our "physiology" sure does change when we don't have regular toilets available.

The small fridge in the pop-up camper doesn't necessarily work in the woods as it does when sitting at home in the driveway.

Yesssss, he did it again: dragged me kicking and screaming to the Sawtooth mountains again. The Sawtooths are part of the Rockies and just absolutely gorgeous. It's about 120 miles north east of us through some gorgeous mountains but I hate mountain roads. But on one stretch out in the middle of nowhere they were working on the mountain road and had a temporary red stop light up there. I shot this photo through the windshield as we sat there waiting for the traffic to finish coming around the mountain from the opposite direction.

Here we are in the camper I've started froufrou-ing up. I have the cushions covered and have some pretty throw pillows. Notice the Wilendur roses tablecloth on our little table. Very pretty for the woods.

I have a glut of purple plastic plates I bought years ago at WM for about 50¢ a piece so I took some out of the kitchen and put them in the camper.

Next year when we go I plan on having that bed behind the table and seats covered with a sheet. It's another bed but since just the two of us go there is no need to use it as a bed so we make it the storage area. Notice the portable flush toilet under the table. It's supposed to go outside during the day and come in at night but got shoved back in there for a while. We had a couple arrive in a camp spot about the space of 5 houses in our neighborhood so they weren't too close but they had dirt bikes and a radio that we had the pleasure (???) of hearing their beat to the songs for 2 days. Oh, and their bikes seemed to rev up at about 10:30 at night. But, hubs had a nice relaxing time so it was worth not getting any sleep at all. Sigh.... Oh, the couple also made some ice cream with their GENERATOR and brought us down some dishes with vanilla ice cream in it. Imagine, a generator at a camp sight!!!

Here's Love Bunny fixing the awning over the front of the camper. We put a little braided rug by the front door and some animal kept trying to steal it for 2 nights so the 3rd night we brought it in the trailer.

Rose Cottage Camper Birdhouse had center stage, of course.

We woke up to this gorgeous sky sunday morning. Beautiful wispy clouds with the bluest sky I've ever seen.

This is right by our camp site. We could get water out of there for washing our hands and dishes after we heated it up. Rapids are down this time of year and not as noisy as they were in July.

This is standing near the tree on the left in the picture above it and looking at our car, camper and screened in dining canopy. Some flies and other viciousness insects were up there.

Looking right down the little path by our campsite. We got water for washing in that little pool, but I'm gonna tell ya that water was COOOOOLD.....very COLD!

Hubs hauling up some water for washing dishes.

I also brought along some fabric to cut out some patterns for aprons while up there. I can't just sit around and do nothing, chicks. Anyway, I hope to have these done within the next couple of weeks and may, just may, sell some of them. We'll see. But they will be froufrou-y and pretty. Who knows? Maybe I'll give one away on th' blog. Hmmmmm, maybe ya better stay tuned.
This view was in the morning with campfire smoke drifting through this little valley and looking at the gorgeous Sawtooth mountains.

And on the way home we saw this little train that gives tours through the mountains on sundays. It's at HorseShoe Bend, about an hour or so from us. I'm going to see if Love Bunny will take me soon.