My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fluffing the House Today

Today I thought I'd be domestic and fluff up the house. While doing it I took the opportunity to photograph snippets of the place. If you're bored then come back another day because things don't change much around the "living beautifully" household. I've committed to economizing and not buying a bunch of stuff we don't need: plates, knick-knacks, glasses, pretty boxes, etc. In fact, I've been eagerly trying to get rid of some china, some glasses and other stuff.

I also have a plethora of napkin rings I have to get rid of. I think I'll put them on ebay and see how it goes. These are the only ones I'm keeping though because I won't need more than these if I have a dinner and I'm not sentimental over most things.

A very, very few books on my bookshelves. Whether you're a listener of Dr. Laura or not, that woman is spot on with her advice. My hubby bought me this book of hers and told me to read it. I learned more about men than I ever have. Hubby requested a talk after I finished reading it. You're never too old or never married too long to learn! An astounding book. Men really are simple creatures. It's us women who tend to be complicated!

I have a lot of Alexandra Stoddard's books. You can see where I got the title for my blog. She was my inspiration.