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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ramblings 10/31/2012

Our hearts went out to those on the east coast enduring the hurricane Sandy. We have relatives in Pennsylvania, Cape Cod, West Virginia, Virginia and New York. They all told us they were hunkering down awaiting the fury. We have faith in God that they'll be protected. It isn't easy having to wait out Nature's fury but it has been this way since the beginning of time. If ye are prepared, you need not fear. And hubs and I are temporally prepared. I need all the help I can get spiritually though. And I'm working on that! But we pray several times a day in this house and truly anguish over the loss of lives. Our hearts and our prayers are definitely with you. I have no doubt that members of our Church will be the first to be on hand with provisions. As we understand it, trucks from Salt Lake City are awaiting entry into the devastation. God bless you all.

I haven't cooked breakfast for years, and I mean years! Hubs does it on Saturdays and Sundays. He does it mostly for himself as he's afraid I'll break the yolk in his fried eggs. Heaven forbid! He's come unglued over this happening and refuses to let me touch his eggs anymore. Now, consider the fact that we can take out another egg and replace the broken one, but that's not good enough. Hence, he does the breakfast on weekends. During the week, it's breakfast cereal or just toast for us.

Recently, there was a headline on a news site on the internet (the only way we get news) and it told about a man who won a roach-eating contest. The prize was a python. (Yeah, I know: WHY???!!!) Anyway, I finally read it later in the day and told hubs about it. He asked me why I'd read something like that. My answer was: I wanted to see what STUPIDITY looked like. My expectations were not disappointed when I saw his photo. Gag! Ooooh, and the python? Went to his estate. Truly!

Hubs is a really good hubby. If I get some candy for a present, he'll not ask for any. Oh, I offer it and sometimes he'll take some but he always says it's my gift and I should enjoy it. I have to tell you these thoughts are not reciprocated. He always will share with me. So I have to give him some and make him take it. After all, I can't eat a whole box of candy...well, okay, not easily then. :-) But recently I had a great hunger for Turtles, the chocolate pecan ones. He got a couple of double Snickers bars. He ate one and put it back. Then, all of a sudden it was GONE. I warned him! He's a forgiving kind of guy though. (I have no control over chocolate, none whatsoever!)

For those of you who are young, and I'm using that term loosely as we're in our 70s, there is romance after 30. Yes, there sure is!

This looks a bit bigger than a traditional garden shed but I think it's cute.

A city high-rise patio with plants growing and a place to sit and relax.

I have a "branch tree" that I hang little glitzy balls and things people have given me on it. Much bigger than this one but it sure makes a statement on my plant shelf.

Another romantic bath.

Lovin' the colors here.

Even a Chinese- or Oriental-style dining room can be made up-to-date with pink and white.

Besides the roses, I also like the chair.

I just had to show you this dress with these magnificent rose-type sleeves. I think it's one of the most gorgeous styles I've ever seen.

Lilacs and vintage rustic bottles make a beautiful vignette.

To me this almost looks like a room in a house in Australia. It looks like their style.

Just a lovely colorful spot and yard.

This says it all.

Exquisite staircase with a dining alcove.

More pink flowers in beautiful containers.

Sweet kitchen I could live with also. ;-)
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