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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sweet Windows and Bedrooms

I am so sorry to have to do this but I'm initiating the captcha word verification for a while since I've been receiving a lot of spam advertising lately. They give up after a couple of weeks so it is temporary. I've opted to take an assertive stance instead of constantly deleting spam comments. I hate spam!

Bedrooms. We spend a great deal of time there but mostly when our eyes are closed. Let's look at some very pretty ones. Since not many people are invited to bedrooms, we can view some beautiful ones here or even just a small part of each one.

This looks like a room for two, but just take a look at that darling two person desk.

Would you ever want to leave this room? Not me.

I think my blogging friend, Claudia, would love this room.

This one is so similar to my own bedroom that it is eerie.

I believe I've seen this one in a magazine and it belongs to an artist. I won't say which one since I'm not sure. But isn't it gorgeous? I love this room.

I wish I knew where to find that duvet. It's gorgeous!

I'm partial to beautiful windows also so I thought I'd show you some of those.

I've also used this kind of treatment on some windows in other houses we've lived because while I love lace on the windows I also want to see outside sometimes without having the view blocked. I just knot the curtain and when I want, untie the knot.

An outdoors bedroom.

The lace edging on this sheet is what caught my eye.

I just like the looks of this room: the disarray of the books, the settled-in look of the sofa cushions, the little homemade look of the little footstools and the flower arrangement in the bay window.

Funny thing. The hydrangeas caught my eye way before the gorgeous verdigris bay window.

Go make something this cute. You can do it...while dreaming.

It's all in how you arrange the thing... the careful balance of the design is the motion.

Another very short video of Caroline's newest moves. We think she's training to be a salsa dancer since her father is Guatemalan; although, he's forgetting most of his Spanish. He was raised in L.A. though ;-) The music is what sets her style of dance. My granddaughter says she loves accordion music, but the minute she hears music she starts dancing. She can really shake that booty though! LOL She just delights us to no end.