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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Son, the Golfer

My son loves golf. I mean L.O.V.E.S. golf. His dream job is being a golf pro. And he'd do it for nothing if given the chance. As an aside, you may like to read this post I did over 3 years ago now on what happened to him on his birthday. This is my son in Scotland with the happiest smile on his face.

He and his wife own care homes in Southern California. They have been very blessed in life financially. We, his mother and father, attribute this to his wife's ability, not his. ;-) He doesn't have to work but in his mid-forties he decided to go back to school and get a nursing degree because he was bored staying home. He works at a hospital and absolutely loves it. He likes taking care of the elderly and listening to their stories. (My son is a great story teller also. His father, hubs, rambles!) He's now finishing up for an advanced degree in nursing. And both of my kids have never, ever been slackers. They worked hard for everything they've attained in life.

Anyway, he went to Scotland last year for two weeks to golf. He loved it but since his wife wasn't interested in going, his one son was in college (just graduated UC San Diego) and his other son was in school, he went alone. He missed them greatly. So this year, he's going for only one week. And here is where the story begins.

I tried calling him last Friday night and no answer. So I thought maybe he had left already and just left a message for him to call me. He emailed me, his wife and a couple of friends/golfing buddies Saturday morning. He was in Scotland and had already played a round of golf trying to "acclimate" to the area/golf course/time, etc. He never wastes time when a golf game is available. Never. The email mentioned for me to email him and he'd keep in touch the best he could with a seven hour time difference. Cell phone availability was spotty at best.

But in the email he mentions his son and his son's girlfriend. He hadn't heard from them. He was talking to his wife in this email also and asked if B. and girlfriend were in France or had gone on to Italy. I was stunned. I didn't even know our grandson was going to Europe. I hate it when my kids and grandkids fly or go out of the country! Hate it. And now I have my son and his son, my grandson, not only flying but out of the country together? I may just smack them both when they return. I think this is definitely attributable to my fear of flying and not wanting to leave the good ol' USA ever again. Don't nag me about this; it's my phobia and I can have it if I want!!

I love this cute living room. So quaint and homey.

Another little town in the UK somewhere with pretty cottages.

Eye candy for you.

Yep, another bathroom you can view. I know, I know. How many bathrooms can you view? A lot. They're all delightful, so hush up!

This home looks like it got chopped off on one side, but truly unique. It's in France.

What to do when a girl doesn't have a closet in her tiny apartment. Display all her clothing in a unique fashion. It has to be kept tidy that way.

Another adorable kitchen somewhere in the world other than the U.S.

A pretty blue kitchen area.

Small dining area with refurbished painted chairs.

More eye candy.

Where do some people get such darling plates, place mats and boxes? This is adorable.

A pretty, tiny thatched cottage with daffodils in the front yard.

I'm pretty sure I couldn't deal with a chartreuse-colored refrigerator but it is unique. The purple is a complementary color for chartreuse.

A gorgeous color of blue.

Cute vignette. I wonder if this is a child's room.