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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Our faces. Yep, faces. I look at faces all the time in stores and restaurants wondering what kind of person they are. I'm always smiling so I'm guessing mine shows that I'm approachable. Unless you run up to me and I don't know you then I put on a face that definitely says wary, unapproachable and definitely back off! I'm not very trusting in situations like that. I live in a relatively small city of less than 100,000. Not big by big city standards but our town is friendly, very friendly. It has a certain essence. I think it might be because there is a private Christian college here and the students are very nice and kind. They work at the fast food places and many restaurants and it shows in their countenance how kind they are.

Now, I have a friend who has a sibling and their countenances are so much different it's hard to believe they're even related. His is of a sweet almost childlike quality. He is one of the kindest people I know. His sibling, however, has a face that is hard. I don't know the sibling at all, but just guessing that person has lived a very different life from him. He's so child-like in his demeanor and his countenance it's hard to believe he's even real. But he is. Kind, considerate, loving, compassionate, wonderful husband, father and grandfather, according to his wife, and I believe it as I've seen him with all mentioned here. Just the kind of person you'd want as a friend. A leader when he needs to be and a faithful follower when the situation changes. I love this man. I believe God loves each of His children and gives us equal measure and I fall far short but I do believe we'll all be judged on our hearts someday. I certainly hope so because I need all the help I can get!

So look at the faces of people around you and while not judging, just see how they appear to you. It's an interesting game to play. We can guess all we want, but the true measure of a person is what is in their heart. And we have no way of knowing that. I try my best not to judge and I fall far short of my expectations. Sigh.

For all you lovers of french things, I present you with this. ;-)

And for all you lovers of small cottages, this is your beauty today.

For all you lovers of frou-frou, ME, I posted this photo. Ribbons, bows, lace, trinkets and crystals.

Cute ideas for your house, yard or tree.

This is fabric in frames. What better and cheaper way to add pizzazz to your home?

A quiet respite for you with hyacinths and their lovely fragrance.

Do many houses here in the U.S. have only a two digit number? I wonder.

I thought at first this was cheese but I'm not so sure now.

A magnificent two-story room for you lovers of big houses. The window cleaning alone would deter me from buying it. But it is gorgeous with that view.

This is probably more to my liking.

I have a ladder and we tried to do this with it but it was too short for our corner tub. I'll figure out something for it though. I need room for my books when I'm doing a soak.

Pretty display of momentos.

My favorite kind of door—french—and sheer curtains for its windows.

Easy idea for a party or just to pizzazz up a room you like to be in.

Tiny but cute.

A chore: there is nothing to it but to do it.