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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yeah, Yeah, Another Great-Grandma Brag

We were gone a week but we're home now. I'll have more on the trip to our granddaughter's house later; however, just let me say this. I take my laptop when traveling but this time I forgot my passwords for everything, including my Google Reader and my blog! I wasn't able to get in; I could only read it. That will never happen again! I have so many passwords that I couldn't possibly remember them all. I store them securely and I mean securely. Even the words themselves are coded. ;-) I trust no one when it comes to passwords. And, unlike most people, I don't have just one password for everything. My passwords cover 2 sheets of paper—single-spaced. Call me paranoid, but this happens when you get robbed three times. You learn to trust no one and nothing. :-)

And this is them while we were there.


Remember, I'm the great grandmother here and it's my blog so every once in a while I have to feature th' girls. ;-) This is one of those times. Christmas picture taking. I cannot tell you how much joy these two little chicks bring to me and hubs.

We start with their first shot together. Notice Juliette looking warily at her big sister.

Now we see her starting to get in the spirit of things.

Now she's really groovin'.

Then she sticks out her tongue at her big sister, Caroline.

"I need my own show here, people!"

"Aaaah, nuts, Sis is stealing th' show from me."

"My big sis is so "out there!"

"Do I have to do this every single Christmas?"

"I think I'll take a nap now."

Another gorgeous decorated bottle.

This would make a really great family room with all that seating.

You could make a wreath like this for Valentine's Day next easily with roses or peonies from the garden.

I like that large sink but I prefer my stainless steel one that's not so deep and back breaking.

Just beautiful linens.

Another birdhouse I found on the internet.

Useless Information:
The Statue of Liberty's fingernails weight about 100 pounds apiece.