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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Polka Dots Are Back for Pink Saturday 9/12/09

Welcome to Pink Saturday. To view all the participants, go visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound and surf around. I promise you'll see lots of pink!

I've been asked to teach a class to a few women in my church ward on apron making on a "homemaking" saturday soon. I wondered why. I'm not especially into this activity but I figure it's "service" to teach them, but it's not so much "how" to sew—I'm assuming if they attend the class they should already know pretty much how to sew—but the "design" of aprons. Many you see can be boring. I don't do "boring" much; I like pizzazz much, much better!

So I've spent the last several days cutting out fabrics to form aprons. So far I've cut out 8 different aprons. I use several different kinds of fabric but they are usually (okay, always!) girly and froufrou-y and in colors I like because if I don't sell them, I keep them or give them away as presents or on my blog as "giveaways."

As you can see polka dot make up a few of them. I'm partial to polka dots, checks, stripes and roses fabric in them. For a couple of years now I've not been able to find much in the way of polka dots but this year there are a lot of them. I was so excited I bought yards and yards of red, black and pink polka dots. (I think I'm starting to sound like Lawrence Welk here. Polka?!) Anyway, here are a sampling of the ones I've cut out so far.

I absolutely love cutting them out; it's just relaxing to me to figure out which fabric goes with which other fabric.

Trims are another thing I do a lot of. I like "fluff and foof" in them. Ribbon roses, lace, little trims, buttons.

I do NOT use colors I don't like. Orange is my least favorite color. (Maybe that's why I'm not into fall colors much.) If I don't sell it then I get to keep them and I don't have orange in my house. Okay, okay, there might be a pumpkin or a blouse with a fragment of orange but that's it. And on some people it looks fabulous—NOT ME. Orange affects me negatively. Don't know why—just do not feel good around it.

The straps haven't been cut out yet and I usually use scraps for these so there may be 4 or 5 different kinds of fabric in one apron. One I made had 11 different kinds of fabric. I'll never part with that apron. I love it. Of course, when I die, my daughter will probably sell it on eBay for 1¢ with free shipping!

See that one in the middle? That top fabric is Paris Bebe and the bottom is an expensive "embroidered" silky type fabric. I think it'll be the most gorgeous one when they are all finished.

Some of these have the french look about them. Only one in the pile has the same fabric on top and bottom but the pockets will be different. I like to visualize as I go along after selecting the fabric.

But every single one of them, while pretty, is also functional. "Form follows function" in my book. They need to do the duty for which they were made and an apron by definition protects our clothing from spills and with that in mind, every single one of them is washable.

Oh, and there will be a giveaway with one of these being the prize. It'll happen soon. I'm almost at my 700th post and that will be the "giveaway post" so stay tuned to win one of them.