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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pink Saturday 8/16/08

I get "edgy" when I don't get "personal" on my blog. I really can't explain it, chicks, but just don't like posting pix from magazines all the time. Too "impersonal". Soooo today, after doing this post about 3 days ago, I decided to put in the latest with the redo and ask for some help from all you creative decorators.

These 2 photos are the family room in its current disarray. If I'm looking for something for another wall in the house I go to this room and "shop" and usually leave a nail in the wall where the item was. But sometimes I take the nail out to use in the other room. AND when I leave the nail there and bring something into the room I'll just hang "whatever" on it. (This you can see in the 2nd photo below.) This drives hubs nutsy but he doesn't say much at all. He loves me and only lives to make this chick HAPPY!!! And truly, what can he say when HE bought the trailer and the seller didn't have a keeEEEeeey for the dooOOOOoor to the trailer so I had to call a locksmith to come out yesterday to make a keeeEEeeey for it and the cost was $80.00!!!! Yes, 80 buckarinos!! Soooo he'd best not say tooooo much, huh?!?!

I've taken the trellis apart and moved them to opposite ends of the sofa. (Oh, btw, some gals have asked what the fabric is on that sofa. It's a heavy twill with green ticking stripes that I bought online and just LOVE it. Plus I've washed it numerous times and it comes quite clean and still looks wonderful!) So I've been combing the internet for some prints of favorite artists to hang in there. I want one big print/picture hanging there with other small ones....the small ones I have already. Just some shabby chic/romantic/roses pretty prints or posters. I've searched a bit on ebay but haven't found anything yet. Any ideas or things you might have come across that you think I might like would be greatly appreciated.

I did take a few minutes to make this pillow for Love Bunny to rest his head while napping. (See the one in the middle of sofa.) I caught him falling asleep the other day and he looked so uncomfortable trying to sleep sitting up. So I took a feather pillow, made a pretty roses cover for it and just put it on there for him to grab when he feels his wee head lolling over! :-)

This wall is just waiting for the faux fireplace surround and mantel which will ship on or about 8/25 so not much can be done until then. Looks kinda sad at the moment though. My tool box is ever present now. Things have just been dropped in there to get out of the way in other parts of the house.

My "dilemme du jour" are the little french wire baskets. They are antiques that I scavenged from daughter's shed during our visit to Calif. last month if you'll remember. I love them but want to put something "unique" in them. Now, I have what I think is enough "greenery" around the old homestead at the moment so I'd like some ideas of what I could put in them so I can get them hung up as I've been tripping over them on a daily basis. ;-)

Love Bunny (Hubs to those new readers) and I picked up this little cow bell years ago in an antique shop in Pennsylvania. (I was "into" my country period then, but I've repented and am now "into" my shabby period.) We'll probably never go back there again since I refuse to fly any where anymore, but he has a brother and several sisters living there or in neighboring states. But it was a pleasant experience to tour the antique shops and Amish country.

Anyway, it has been sitting "around" in different homes with its rust and heavy wire on the top and I got to thinking, yeah, yeah, I know, I know, but give me some slack and read on annnnyWAY. Hubs says that usually means he's going to have to do something for me, but I got to seriously thinking about its color. It didn't go well with all the frou frou-y type stuff in this house so I decided to paint it pink. Now, you might say "PINK"(!) for a cow's bell? And then I'd say "whaaaaaa, ya never seen any fashionable cow critters?" (in my best hillbilly accent and pardon me if you're a hillbilly but I hold great reverence for hillbillies since I descended from a long line of them.) So I took my trusty can of pink spray paint....spritzzzzzzzzzzz.....and here it is in all its glory! I know there must be pink cows somewhere out there because I've seen the "strawberry (pink!) milk at WM!! So kiss my grits, sweet chicks!! Hah......

I just love this color but this can kinda got away from me if ya know what I mean here!

I made 8 of these little chair back pads several years ago and they are as red and pink as they look in the photo. They will be for sale in my selling blog soon.

Now don't laugh but this is one of my mouse pads and my "mouse" resuscitator on the left - the pink towel. Once in a while my mouse's scroll wheel needs a bit of "massaging" to perform the scroll. I wet this towel and vigorously "scratch" her little back. She purrrrrs like a kitten for several weeks after that and then we have to do it alllll over again: wet the towel, massage her "wheel" and dry off her little backside. (Ronda Ray Juniper said it has to be a HER as a HIM wouldn't be so finicky! And she knows because we both have Macs and Might Mouses that scroll up and down and sideways for our Macs.)

The painted rock below means a lot to me. It was painted by a friend. She is in a group on ebay I am in and they did a swap of painted rocks - rocks coming from the area of the painters as a friendship momento. Well, I couldn't paint worth a lick at the time and still can't paint worth much now but she painted one with her roses for me and sent it to me. She's a Nevada homesteader and has one of the most gorgeous bracelets up for sale on her ebay but look at her selling blog also: Apetalapart. It is beaded and Katie has done her gorgeous silk ribbon embroidery and a decoupaged button for this bracelet. You have GOT to see it. It is truly beautiful, unique and one-of-a-kind!

I thought I'd show you the darling little newborn booties Katie made for her new granddaughter that are for sale on her selling blog. And they're "PINK"!!! Aren't they precious?!??! This is her own design and I think she did great!
And isn't this blue cobalt bottle just scrumptious? I just love that color. Of course, I love Katie also!! ;-) She's a peach! Plus she has peacocks visit her on a regular basis. Don't even get her started on the goats and baby peahens! Whoooooa, she's so funny about the goats, too. But maybe that's another blog though. ;-) Hah.......