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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Musings

Can you tell I'm bored? Well, I am. I've been perusing the blogs this afternoon since I can't go to church because of this:

Maybe these won't keep me out of church, but a sinus attack can. First it was food poisoning, then the braces, then the foot/heel surgery and today I'm coming down with a sinus attack. Can you believe this?! I haven't been out of the house for 4 days and I'm in desperate need of a shower and shampoo. Hubby announced this afternoon that he wants to try and give me a shower tomorrow. I said there was no way I could stand on one leg in the shower. He suggested a tub bath. I said once I got down there is no way I'd be able to get back up on one leg. We've compromised on a sponge bath tomorrow. ;-) I'm simply feeling too vulnerable to trust someone to do anything when I only have one good leg/foot to support me. Scary thought.

I never thought braces hurt so bad. Maybe it's just that kids don't complain much or are afraid of what their parents will do, but I'm not a kid, and these dang things hurt my tongue and inner mouth. If anyone has had this experience as an adult, I'd love to hear from you and how it gets better.... pleeeeeease, tell me it does.

Reading some blogs today and came across some rants, which is fine, but I came across several that are in just plain bad taste. One blogger describes in detail her dating experiences. (Okay, I went there innocently and will never go again.) But bad taste is still bad taste. For Pete's sake, why glorify your tasteless adventures?

Then I came across some religious ones and some are rather beautiful and some not so much. I'm a religious person but I don't do a lot of spiritual blogging. Why? I'm really not sure, but I am a praying woman and thank God daily for our blessings and to seek His help with my life. Sunday is a day of rest for us. We don't shop or eat out unless we happen to be traveling.

But one caught my eye as sheer poetry how she describes her Sundays and her attention to her loved ones and home on that day. She just brings comfort to my mind when she so lovingly posts.

And this is the best I can do without being able to stand and photograph things for ya, chicks. I think I'll go read and feel sorry for myself. :-)