My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Someone in a forum I belong to asked the question: Do you take your decorating to the max? Yes, of course, I do. Everything I bring into my home is for decorating (and comfort) or ends up "getting" decorated in some way. Note my little pin cushion above that I made. The only things I haven't decorated are my pots and pans and that's only because I haven't figured a way to keep the fabric or paper decals I might put on them to keep from catching fire and burning down the house! I even decaled my garbage cans! Silly question, huh?! I have decals on my doors also. One says "pantry", one says "bathroom" and the master bedroom has flower decals on it. Jack refused to let me put a decal on his office door, but I'm not through bugging him yet. Just take a guess who's gonna win!

Ooooohhh, my!!

Shoe shopping ain't what it used to be!! We looked all over the mall today for Jack some new black loafers. Not a pair to be found in his size. As we walked past the women's shoes I just kept walking. This was his day and I just couldn't buy for me. That happened one time when we went car shopping for him. I ended up with the new car! He related the story to someone at work and even before he got to the "punch line" the guy told Jack: "So your wife ended up with the new car, right?" So funny. He just said, "Yeah, she did." He loves me!!

But talk about getting your knickers in a twist?!?! After I showered I was trying to dress and put one leg in my undies and they got twisted and somehow I put my other leg in upside down and has a time trying to get in properly!! Gee, at my age you'd think I could put on my undies properly or is this the 2nd childhood they always told us about?!?!

I love gorgeous chairs

I love making folding chair covers for all my chairs to be gorgeous. Now, I've told you I'm into this the whole 9 yards, didn't I?! I don't do anything halfway. So this is a lovely inexpensive chair in my bedroom. Many others around house with chair covers. Anyway, that's about it for this morning. We're going shoe shopping for hubby and then he's taking me on a picnic. I wonder who'll come home with new shoes?!?! Hmmmmm..........