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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Someone in a forum I belong to asked the question: Do you take your decorating to the max? Yes, of course, I do. Everything I bring into my home is for decorating (and comfort) or ends up "getting" decorated in some way. Note my little pin cushion above that I made. The only things I haven't decorated are my pots and pans and that's only because I haven't figured a way to keep the fabric or paper decals I might put on them to keep from catching fire and burning down the house! I even decaled my garbage cans! Silly question, huh?! I have decals on my doors also. One says "pantry", one says "bathroom" and the master bedroom has flower decals on it. Jack refused to let me put a decal on his office door, but I'm not through bugging him yet. Just take a guess who's gonna win!

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