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Friday, April 13, 2012

Memories of Home in a Peach Orchard House for Pink Saturday 4/14/2012

First of all, I want to give you just a teensy little look at one of the items in my giveaway this month. It's been such a long time since I've done a giveaway for the aprons that I decided I'm in a good enough mood to do it again, not aprons but something else. There will be another item or two in with this. I'm not showing what it is in its entirely yet so just think what it could be. However, if you've been around my blog the last couple of years, it should be easy to guess. ;-)


Welcome to Pink Saturday once again. Today I'm telling a story so read on. But first, go visit with Beverly's blog and see all the other participants. I'm sure you'll like it and if you're not a follower, please be one so you won't miss anything exciting I may post. I'd sure love it if you would! I'm planning on a giveaway soon and, trust me, you're not going to want to miss out on it. ;-) That's all I'm going to say on the subject.

There will be more on this lovely photo also. You'll be as excited as I am. Trust me on this one.


My father was a Naval officer. We traveled a lot, but he traveled more than we did as a family. When he would be gone for an extended length of time, we would usually go stay with my maternal grandparents. I dearly loved my grandma so it was a treat to live with her and grandpa. I remember them living in different states and cities. And since my grandpa was a railroad conductor, my grandma would take me on train rides—overnight train rides. That's why I love taking trains so much to this day even. Sad that trains are going the way of the dinosaur. Those were fun trips, really fun.

But one time that we stayed with them, my grandparents had just built a brick home in a small town across the Ohio river from West Virginia. My brother and I enrolled in the school there but my sister was not school age yet. It was in a peach orchard. We loved it. A new friend and I would ramble through the orchard on little paths that took us away from the prying eyes of adults. We'd find things to explore. It was there I found a plant called sassafras that surprisingly smelled like root beer. That was my entry into the botany world. But we had great times until we eventually had to move when my father came home from his assignment on ship.

However, my mother always told us not to tell anyone we lived in a peach orchard! I was stymied by this, but I learned later she was actually embarrassed that my grandparents would build in a peach orchard. In today's world, most people would pay dearly for a huge peach orchard in which to build their home. Oh, and the house was a beautiful one-story brick. I never understood her embarrassment about that home. I just remember sitting out with my grandpa and he would peel peaches with his pocket knife and give me, my brother and sister little slices of just-picked-from-the-tree peaches. It was a magnificent world to me then. I get weepy just remembering that time of my life. I was so happy. In fact, while writing this post an eerie, yet pleasant, feeling just swept through my body. I think it is my grandma telling me she loves me too.

Just a sweet memory.

Now look at all these gorgeous photos and see if one of the photos evoke a memory for you.

Violets also remind me of my grandma because she always grew them and we picked them together.

I cannot resist a photo of flowers, old buildings and quaint water fountains.

I want and shall have a Meyer lemon tree in a pot soon. I don't think this is a lemon tree but I like it anyway.

An elegant and cozy sun room.

An unusually beautiful and inviting entrance to a home.


Beautiful dining room with a stunning view.

I guess if you have it, flaunt it?!

Do you notice the red stove?

Again, just look at what a coat of beautifully-colored paint can do for a laundry room.

Random Thoughts:

Whatever happened to "thank you" and "you're welcome"? Now it's "no problem". What in the world does that mean? Welcome is the proper response. I don't think I ever say "no problem" and I always say "thank you".

Don't marry a man or woman unless you would be proud to have a son or daughter exactly like him or her.

Never try to feel smart when you are stuck in stupid! Just realize your mistake, don't make excuses, apologize and go on graciously. Personal experience! Yep.

Terrorists are all martyrs until they get shot in the leg and then they squeal like pigs.

I want the cell phones the CounterTerrorismUnit used on 24. They never ran out of battery charges.

A middle school close to us had a reader board that advertised Free Dental Sealant. What is that that the schools have to give free dental work now? I have no dental insurance and pay my way, but I certainly don't get free sealant when I visit my dentist. I have on occasion "bargained" with my dentist though.

Ear buds help parents strengthen their vocal cords.

Our youth are forgetting how to write because they are wired with phones. Taking those shortcuts with texting is making them stupid or, at the very least, stunting their writing skills along with spelling. Trust me on this one. I see it frequently.
Photos courtesy of tumblr and pinterest.