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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bunny Town Tour, Awards & Miscellany!

I'm almost done painting, just waiting for the carpet man to re-stretch the carpet and he's doing that as I type this. So I've washed and washed and washed things the past 2 days. This morning as I washed the "Bunny Town" on the kitchen plant shelf I thought how cute they were and decided to take you on a tour, sweet chicks and bunnies! They're back up there now but cleaner :-) and with a tad more prominence! Each one below shows the front, and the back is just below it so you're getting both views of it. I love collecting little whimsical houses and have many collections around my home. Some I got in Ireland because it seems the Irish love that sort of thing also.

Ooooh, chicks, you've really got to enlarge each one to get all the details.

This is the ice cream parlor. Doesn't it look like an ice cream cone? Loooove the pink roof and the little turret with a bird holding an ice cream cone, pink awning and the pink and red striped awning and mommy and daddy bunny carrying a basket.
This says "Cottage" but it looks more like the barn to me, but hey, I'm no farm chick so what do I know? I think it's precious calling it the "cottage" though. ;-) "Chick Cottage"??? I can go for that....... Notice the giant mushrooms, the flowers growing out of the thatched roof, the cross hatched windows on the back and the wood fence. Mommy and daddy bunny doing chores and coloring easter eggs. Sunflowers on the roof and a chicken on the roof. Hmmmm, where are the roses?!?!?!

The fruit shop comes next; although, I've always called them "fruit stands" when we'd drive the 99 Freeway from northern California to southern California and we'd always stop at the fruit stands for fresh-from-the-orchard squeezed orange juice. I loved it! But now we hit I-5 and miss all those stands. :-( We can see tomatoes, corn, carrots of course, baskets and wooden crates.

Nexxxxxxxt, the train station. Hubs would say he's never seen a train station with what looks like a polka dot tomato on it, or maybe that's a strawberry and it's a California train station. :-) Look at the ticket sign and the RR crossing sign. Even a little clock tower! Mr. Train Engineer waving to us all and a mommy and bunnyette waiting. But most of all the back has a cracked egg shell and someone's tried to "fix" it with tiny bricks! Tooooo cute.

When we were down there recently, hubs bought a limited edition print of the Riverside station. When we got home he asked if I noticed anything off about it. I perused the print and answered no. He chuckled (He only gets this way when I can't find what he's talking about!) and showed me the picture was wrong in its description. It has a canal/body of water that said it was on the north/south side (can't remember which now) and it was wrong. DUH!!! Like I even could figure that one out or even cared. Hah!!

Squeeeeeeal, my favorite! The flower shop!!! It's a ROSE! Look at all those little shrubs in pots and the little flower pots sitting on a shelf, stone steps, teeensy gravel path in the shop. How cute! Yes, they have a nice assortment of roses in this shop!

We now come to the "Inn" of bunny town. Notice the little waterfall in front and the stone steps leading to the door of the inn. There are 2 separate buildings to the inn and one with a kind of french mansard roof and the other a steep tile roof. How quaint. I'm not sure but could this inn be in the "french" part of town???? Ooooo la la!

The Bakery....ummmm, maybe this one is my favorite, sits on main street. Another PINK roof! But this looks like the busiest place in town. No one is empty handed here, chicks. Little stone fireplace inside. Can't you just picture yourself in here eating a cinnamon bun and sipping orange juice?! I can.........

School House!!! Now, no self-respecting bunny would go without an education, right??!!! Well, these bunnies are very studious and smart bunnies. Mrs. Bunny Teacher has her books AND her class well in hand. Ain't no bunny getting slack from this chick........uhhhh, I mean BUNNY!

Well, that ends our tour of Bunny Town. Your tour guide has some decorating, painting, washing laundry and cleaning to do.

Okay, okay, I do need to post some awards I've received lately and answer some questions put to me so here goes, my sweet chicks:

UPDATE: The blogger who awarded this to me has let me know and I'm very, very embarrassed. I'd been looking for the email in the trash bin and it was in my Mail box waiting for me to acknowledge the award!! How ridiculous of me to not remember that because that's exactly how I do those things! So the sweet chick that gave me this award is JenR so go visit her at Sanctuaryart TODAY!!! I remember that she had to change her name because of some difficulties with someone hijacking her name or some nefarious plot like that, but let her tell you about it on her blog. Now gooooooo!

This was awarded to me a few days ago and for the life of me I can't find the email that tells me. I'm very, very embarrassed and if the person/blogger emails me I'll be more than happy to include a link back to them. I'm so sorry. Life has been more than a little hectic around here lately.

Rachael over at The Rose Room gave me this award. I'd never heard of it and while I've been called Wild - and Crazy, I've never been given the classier version of it - "Wylde Woman Award"!

The rules of this award are:
1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between - it's up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.
2. Link back to this blogsite tammyvitale so Tammy can go visit all these wonderful women and remember the Purpose of the Award: To send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.

I have selected Miss Rhea to give this award to. She is one of the most talented women I know, just a tad wild and crazy gal, and she loves the Lord.

This award absolutely truly stunned me!! I was perusing my Google reader and came across this post from this sweet blogger, lulusfluffyruffles, and just about fell out of this chair!! I am serious!!! I could not believe it. Thank you, thank you, sweetpea, for the delightful post on that blog about loving me. I'm truly humbled. Sniff...sniff....sniff.... Yessssss, I am in tears thinking someone would even think I'm worthy of it. AND she plays my absolute favorite song: Pachelbel's Canon in D. It's gorgeous and I love Pachelbel.

I received this award from Garden Antqs Vintage and try to answer all awards. I think I should put this award on a side bar and simply add the names of sweet chicks who give me this award! Anyway, I know this is hard but I'm truly awarding this to anyone who reads my blog. Now, I think that if you read it and RETURN then you definitely NEED this award (and a mental evaluation!) for sticking with it to come back and read my ramblings! Truly, how sick do ya hafta be to read me TWICE?!?! I'm a boring old....ummm YOUNG chick who loves life and just tells ya the truth, my sweetpeas! Sometimes it ain't purdy either. Soooo if you're reading this consider yourself tagged for this award!

Now, we'll hear from my iTunes!!

Cottage Rose and Picketsplace both tagged me for 5 of my favorite songs and since I got 2 tags I'll select 10 songs. So I looked in my iTunes for 10 of the most played songs and will list them here. They are all from the 60s, 70s and 80s mostly.

Can't live if living is without you - Air Supply
Making love outta nothing at all - Air Supply
City of New Orleans - Arlo Guthrie
The air that I breathe - Air Supply
All out of love - Air Supply
Year of the cat - Al Stewart
It never rain in California - Albert Hammond
I never promised you a rose garden - Lynn Anderson
Slow hand - Pointer Sisters
The end of the world - Aphrodite's Child