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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Friend In Need

Our son in Southern California called a couple of weeks ago from his car and said, "Ma, I'm on my way to the airport to come up and have dinner with you tonight." Now, I thought it a bit unusual (!) that he'd come a thousand miles for dinner, but I'm game. He then told me one of his best friends from the Marine Corps was in a head-on collision in Afton, Wyoming and the closest trauma hospital is in Idaho Falls, Idaho. So he was heading to the airport to come into Boise, have dinner with us and head out to Idaho Falls to see him. I was grateful to see my son if just for a short while and feed him.

His friend had driven drunk and crashed into another car. He suffered a fractured pelvis, a broken bone, concussion and a few other things but he'll live. No one was even hurt in the other car, thank heavens for that. Of course, he'll probably live in jail for a while when he recovers. Our son and we don't drink alcohol at all. This friend had gone out of his way to visit our son over 25 years ago when he crashed his motorcycle. (No alcohol was involved there though, just a young man's foolishness in thinking he was invincible.) And if you're a friend of my son's, you've got a really good friend for life. He's a nurse and administered to his friend, who kept trying, and succeeded even though his hands were tied to the rails, to pull out every tube they had in his body, but our son slept in his room and kept him from doing much damage. He was really out of it. I'm very proud of my son and the girl who married him is very lucky to have him. He also is very lucky to have her.

Just a few days before that he got a call that another friend from high school had a stroke while eating dinner. After a few days, they pulled the plugs on him because there was no hope at all and he died. I think my son is feeling his own mortality now with his 2 closest friends being severely hurt or dying. Yep, he's experiencing it a bit earlier than most of us but it's a bit more traumatic when they're so young.

I love this darling pink and blue house!

Somewhere in Europe I'm sure. Quaint with a glorious profusion of color.

I had some of this fabric and it is exceptionally pretty.

Cute vignette for a bedroom.

Sparklies for ya!

Place to rest and relax.

The purse itself is darling but the colors here were what drew my attention.

This is so cute and would be so easy to do, even for everyday.

A touch of elegance for a plain ol' chair.

Just imagine a picnic like this. :-)

I truly like taking closeups of flowers, although, I didn't do this one.

Cute way to make a wedding announcement—vintage style.

Lovely stone path entrance.

How much more adorable can it get?

Well, there's always this one, too. ;-)

One of the asteroids in The Empire Strikes Back is actually a potato.
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