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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Artful Blogging with Photos

I know you thought I was perfect......uuuhhhh, ya didn't?!?! Well, spank my bum and call me Red!

I've been wanting to do more artful blogging so I decided to practice with my new Canon PowerShot SD990 camera with 14 mpx and I loooooove this camera. However, I thought I was pretty savvy and a little "too full of myself" recently and just went about shooting pix. Well, I was humbled when I downloaded the pix to my iPhoto and saw them. I just stared at them and wondered what in the world did I do wrong?!?! It was humiliating to my esteem, I tell ya. ;-) I may need some psychological therapy for this, chicks! It took me a while to realize that my finger must have clicked and moved the little button on the back of the camera and put it on a different setting than what I wanted. They came out blurry because I didn't have the correct setting for distance on. So I'm showing you the first pix I took and then went back after changing the settings back to AUTO and let the camera work for me. Quite an embarrassing revelation but I'll admit anything if it helps someone else.

This one was a fluke probably and looks a bit decent actually.

Here is where I re-shot them and got up close and personal on each of them. I still need to do better at doing artful blogging but I'll work on that also in the coming weeks.

Here I played around with the "temperature" for an unusual color effect. I like it actually—different.

So play around with your cameras and email me to let me see what you've done to get better photos and different kinds of looks...........that is if you want to, but it can be habit-forming and FUN. I truly would like to see what you all can come up with.