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Friday, July 16, 2010

Cloche Party 7/16/2010

Join Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for a cloche party.

Now, I don't participate in a lot of parties or mêmes in the internet mainly because I don't have much time. But I participate when I can. This is one of those times because I respect Marty and love cloche vignettes. It also gives me a chance to practice my photography skills with my Canon—one of the loves of my life.

This is some faux candy under this cloche.

This is one of a trio of stands on which I've placed some paper roses I've collected over the years.

I threw in some little faux bird eggs also.

More faux pastries I've made on another of the trio of cake stands.

Another stand of the trio. On this one I placed a little box I made.


Random Thoughts:

How fortunate I've been to live long enough to recognize the subtle but undeniable fading of my youthful stamina and spryness. To heck with those poets who celebrate the beauty and the purity of dying young. In spite of everything I'd be grateful to survive to relish the sweet decrepitude of my eightieth year or even the delicious weakness of one whose birthday cake is ablaze with one hundred dangerous/flaming candles.

Curiosity is one of the engines of human achievement but it's not much of a survival mechanism if it motivates you to see what the back side of a lion's teeth look like.

I'm not a genius by any stretch of MY imagination or anyone else's but I do understand the theory that explains the function of a bottle opener, why gravity makes it a bad idea to leap off a high building, and why running headlong into a brick wall will have little effect on the bricks.

I was at Subway recently sitting there eating a sandwich with hubby and a young woman employee came walking through the eating area. There was a napkin discarded on the floor and she walked right over it, not even picking it up. She had to have seen it. The place was not busy at all. I think that's a testament to the laziness of some of our youth today, maybe even a majority of them. They're much lazier than we were when we were young. Tables don't even get wiped at those places any more unless we ask them to wipe them. Sad statement on the future of our youth being handed so much and not having to work for it. That which is given to us/them is esteemed lightly. That's why my kids have worked since they were 15 years old. To this day they value and have an understanding of hard work.