My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rosies on Her Toesies!!

Dance, ballerina, dance, she sings in her greatest voice - which ain't so great, I tell ya!! LOL. Remember that old song?? I do. I've been busy lately making this little ballerina on a box. I love ballerinas and as many little girls dream of when they are young, I wanted to be a ballerina for, ooooh for about 1 day or two. We all change our minds. Then I wanted to be a nurse. I can't stand needles or cuts but I thought that's what young women did. Luckily, I got smart and went into the business world. Luckier still, I had 2 babies that I loved and still love. I think being a ballerina is great but being a mom is even greater. And creating beautiful things is one step below that in my book!! This will go on etsy or ebay, I think.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

And The Winner Is.......

Sweet Lorena!!!

I drew the name this morning and this sweet chickadee won. Congratulations, sweetpea!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Am SoOOoo ReTRo!!

Okay, chickadees, stay tuned tomorrow for my drawing for the 3 paper roses!!

I found this old photo of me when I was about 16 years old. Get a gander at those old sunglasses! And that purse?!?! I'm sure I thought I was the cutest thing but I have to truly be shameless to show it to y'all now. Oh, my!! What am I saying - take a look at my mother's glasses!! Yuck...... It was taken aboard a ship my father was stationed on. That's him and my mom. She looks a head taller than him but she isn't, just the camera angle. But ain't I the cutest thing?!?! Hah...... Excuse me while I go gag.............

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Paper Roses Giveaway!!

Revision!! I finished another rose today and I altered it a bit. It turned out to be the best rose yet. Sooooo some lucky person is going to get that one also with the 2 other ones above. Let me say that these are truly gorgeous in person.


Fun time!! I love doing giveaways or special auctions on ebay. I keep a list of all the people who want to get notice of the things I auction very cheaply or giveaway. So with that being said here is a giveaway of these paper roses I've been making. No, they ain't perfect that's why I call them Shabby Chic Roses, don't ya know!! Okay, for one week anyone who leaves a comment on this post will have their name put into a hat to receive these from me. As I said, I'm new and practicing so don't get all excited 'bout this, chicks! Hah!! Just comment, name is put in a hat, I draw a name and next thursday I'll post who wins. Can ya handle that??? :-)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Finished Clay Roses - Ta Da!!!!

VoilĂ , the finished painted roses! I like them. The camera truly doesn't do them justice......or maybe it is the camera chickadee!! Naaahhhhhhh........ Couldn't be me! :-) But they are much prettier in person.

Clay Roses - 2nd batch today!

Wheeeeew! These take a while to make but here is the 2nd batch today. I may paint these if they are paintable! I haven't figured that one out today. Hah! But they will go into my next project and I love making them. They are truly simple easy.......

Making Clay Roses Today!

I love roses whether they're paper, clay, painted, in the garden or whatever; I just love roses. I've started making some of clay today. What fun they are to make!! However, have any of you noticed how hard on your hands this crafting business is? I have no nails to speak of and my hands are so dry I'm having to put lotion on them 10 times a day. But I digress.........

Here are pictures of my first ones. I love shaping them into different styles. It's really not a challenge to do this. The challenge is to find the time! I'm always doing something even if it's taking a break to read. I may paint these but I want to experiment for a day or two until I get enough to put on a little oval wood box I have. I may finish up some of my coffee filter roses today also. I plan on a surprise for some lucky chick though! ;-)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Christmas Tree Delight

I made this little wall hanging from an old board and thought it was quite cute! I put some of my own hand painted roses on it and then just went from there. I love trying new things and the "untraditional" things also. Pink is rarely thought of as a Christmas color except to us Shabby-Chic-Loving women. It is my all time favorite color. This little tree is fabric and has rhinestones, buttons, ribbon roses, bows, chenille rick rack and pink organza ribbon. It didn't sell on ebay so I just may keep it. Maybe! I may give it a 2nd try or give it as a gift. Jack says we have quite enough pink girly stuff on our walls, thank you very much! I think not! Hah

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Victorian Lady Courtesy of Bertie!

A couple of weeks ago I received a package in the mail from a sweet lady named Bertie and she included a "packet" of some scrapping items as a gift. What a sweetheart!! Inside this package was this beautiful card of a victorian lady. I thought and thought of what I could do with it and came up with this. I had an old black picture frame about 25 years old and have been trying to figure out what to do with it. So I painted it white and shabbied it up a bit and made an insert for it with those lovely roses fabric. Then I just started adding things, but I wanted to keep it simple. I added netting to her skirt and then buttons, glitter rick rack, bows, lace and rhinestones. She is very regal looking so I added a "jewel" to her hair. I love the way it turned out and am so grateful to Bertie for all her kindness and creativity and for...........well.........just for being the "beautiful" lady she is and adding her voice to our PRH group. Thank you, sweet lady.

Charming Teacup Painting!

I just received this in the mail today from a true "charming southern lady'! Isn't it gorgeous?!?! I love teacups and roses. It was a gift from her and I am simply overwhelmed with her kindness and generosity. It is simply stunning in real life. I thank her from the bottom of my heart! She has a truly sweet heart.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Mouse & Bird Tea Party!

I love making templates for ebay. I don't sell a lot, but it's a fun venture for me. I received a darling card from a sweet "virtual" friend (as hubby calls the women in my ebay group) and it was so adorable I scanned it and decided to make some of the elements in a logo for a sweet template. It has some little victorian mice "women" having a tea party in their finery. At their feet are a little bird and a butterfly having their "tea party" with the ladies. It is soooo adorable.