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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Car Story

Have you noticed that cars were becoming a bit smaller several years ago but now Detroit's fascination with the look of cruise ships is bringing back larger cars? I love my Camry but my dream car is a Lexus. I saw one at the dealership when we were buying hubs' little truck. (Why men's fascination with trucks and SUVs?) They had a gorgeous black one there waiting for its owner to pick it up. I wanted to sit in it but the owner was expected posthaste and I didn't want to be caught in it. It had every single thing that could be included in a car. The owner was a retired military man and he paid $75,000 for that car for his wife. That's two and a half times our first house in California! WOW! I was impressed. But Lexus cars have a 500,000 mile warranty. That would probably be close to the rest of my life actually.

My son has a Mercedes S600 and it's truly amazing, but I'd still love to have the Lexus. This is his second Mercedes S600 and it has every single thing available except the feature that slows it down if you're too close to the car in front of you. I loved riding in it as it's very luxurious but he wanted me to take it to the grocery store while visiting him a couple of years ago. I was a nervous wreck driving it. He actually told me he took it out into the desert on a deserted road and got it up to 140 mph. I said, 'Son, don't ever tell your mother you got a car up to 140 mph.' (Another thing you never want to hear from your son: Mom, have the cops called you yet? This happened when he was in a motorcycle accident many years ago before he was married. He got mangled a bit but is alive. He doesn't own motorcycles anymore.) He laughed and said he was safe but he promised to go the speed limit—as much as a Californian can keep it at the speed limit. And we all know what that means on the freeways at rush hour.

The one he has now he got out of Texas and had it shipped to him. It was in great shape but a few months after he received it, it had a minor problem. He consulted a local dealer and the cost to fix it was $23,000. He said he'd fix it himself for that amount of money. No kidding! Also, he ran out of gas one day. That, in a Mercedes, cost him $800. Yep, they had to reset the computer and those services don't come cheap, trust me. He loves tinkering; it comes from the days when he was a poor Marine. ;-) Oh, and for those of you that think this may be bragging just a bit, his wife is the brains of that family. ;-)

A beautiful french bedroom with chandelier. I even like the golden colors on the bed with the pink walls.

A brave homeowner painted her fireplace wall red. I think it's lovely. Like her choice in sofas also.

Cute little sconce holding some flowers left over from the season.

Cute way to decorate with photos and paintings of roses all along her sofa wall.

Snazzy little apron. Love the fabric and the ruffles.

Pretty little pots and pitchers as a display in this cupboard.

Gorgeous eye candy.

Lovely French sofa in pink. The curves make it especially lovely.

Cute way to store your scissors and a bit of ribbon.

Another little cottage in Carmel.

What a cute idea for double sinks but I wonder if they're practical. They're kind of high to bend over to wash your face. I think I prefer the lower kind of sinks.

A lovely but different living room. I think I'd like it as an outdoor room more.

My kinda chick with a pompom over her bed!

A bunch of lovely book markers.

I always love draping curtains over entry or door ways. Adds a touch of drama. This is especially cute in a little girl's closet.