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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring at Greenhurst Nursery

It was a sunny and cold day..........sounds like the opening of an Edgar Allen Poe novel, huh? Well, let me tell you it was definitely cold here in southwestern Idaho today but the sun shined brightly. Sooooo I decided to "doll up", go downtown to an antique store, lunch out and go to Greenhurst nursery.

They were transitioning into the spring decor so there wasn't much to show but it was a pleasure going there anyway.

Isn't this bouquet lovely. It is bright red and truly spring looking.

Green was sprouting all over and here's one little tablescape. I loved the color of green, too.

These little verdigris bird container was on my list to buy but I forgot to get it before leaving. I think that means I need to go back.

This was in the greenhouse and is an orchid. I love the beauty of orchids.

This amaryllis was stunning - white with pale pink tips.

Pretty red plant.

I showed this to friend and she chuckled. She still has 2 teenagers at home.

This is a little mirror with another spot reflected in the mirror. I thought it was cute but had no idea where I would put it in this house.

This was a comfy shoe but I'm trying to get back into "regular" shoes so passed them up. Very attractive on the foot though and comfy.

I looooooved this little purse but I like zippers and not foldovers so passed on it, but it's bright white and bright red and white polka dots.

Sasquatch foot!!! I think I need to clean my car carpet though.