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Friday, January 9, 2009

Creating a New Bedroom

I've been chompin' at th' bit to get our bedroom "redone" and that includes several stages.

First I wanted to create a canopy by putting the netting up before getting the room painted pink so I could fill the nail holes before the paint job. Can't you just see how much prettier it's going to be with new pink walls?! Those are paper roses up on the top part. Ooooh, my heart is thumpin', chicks!!

Next was a trip to the post office and fabric shop yesterday. Now, this might sound easy but since I haven't been out of this house for almost 10 days except to doctor's office it was exhausting, gals, exhausting!! I had to come home and take a nap for 40 minutes. Then I told Love Bunny it was whatever he could throw together for dinner as I just wasn't up to it and THEN proceeded to pass another stone, but it went quickly. Not a "beautiful" night all in all, but I'm on a roll today, little cherubs. He threw some TGIF potato skins in the oven. That was it! But tonight he's taking me to Olive Garden.

But anyway, I had to pick up some eye candy for me and to show you. I got these little ornaments for about $1.50 each. Zooo0wwwwieee! I'm infatuated with them, especially since this one had roses on it! These will be hung in my office or sewing and craft room.

This little blue one is also just a glittery thing to hang in one of the rooms.

And these little green balls??? Aaaaah. they're such a pretty green so I couldn't resist at $3.00 for 12 of these little darlings!
Now, this morning.........

Hubby walks for a half hour every morning on our treadmill. When I got out of bed he hadn't walked as I can tell because his sweats were dry. I mentioned this to him. He said he wanted to stay and snuggle with me. I said he didn't need to do that because I felt fine this morning. He said, "Some things are more important" and looked at me. Now, how could you NOT keep a man like that around? Hmmmmm???