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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fan Pleating Curtains

I received a couple of emails about how to do the curtains so here it is in the photos below. I simply removed them from the package, hand pleated them and tied a ribbon tightly around the pleated part. Then I hung the ribbon on a picture hanger. A nail would do just fine also as I've done it that way in several homes. It is easy and takes only a couple of minutes to do. BTW, these were shower curtains so only 72" long but it won't show since there are things in front of them. A really cheap way to do something quickly and cheaply. These were NOT cheap but I wanted this fabric so I paid a bit dearly for it. You could do this anywhere you don't have room for a rod or have a space such as I have - difficult to decide how to "frame" the window without obscuring the view. Clicking on the photos will give you a much larger view of them also.

Hi, My Name is Connie and I'm a "Clip" Collector

"What", you may say, is a "clip collector"??? Well, I'm about to tell ya, chicks. :-)

For more years than I want to count, I've clipped photos out of magazines to keep and dream over through the years. All different magazines. All different styles. All different colors. All different locations and/or countries. It didn't matter. If there was one thing in the article I deemed worth of keeping......clip, clip, clip. I have a whole file cabinet with photos of rooms, settings, advice on color, beautiful writings that touched my heart, etc.

So recently I thought I'd share some of those with all of you here. It's been on my mind because of the redo (Why wasn't it on my mind when we moved here 3 years ago?!) and scouring the paint stores for a color I liked. I always knew it would be pink but I just wanted a good pink paint that would outlast me. I want this to be the last time I paint this room.

Pink isn't traditionally a color most people would think about when painting a "public" room in a house. Some would paint a girl's bedroom maybe, but that's about as adventurous as they may get. Most women say, "Oh, my husband wouldn't live in a pink house", or "My husband wouldn't like it" or "I don't think I could sell it if I painted it pink" or something to that effect. Balderdash, men love my home. It says "serene" to them. It's a soothing color. And while I do recognize that some people - men AND women - don't care for pink, if it is your color of choice then go for it!! Dang to all those others!! LOL I say to them, "Tough! I'm gonna have my home the way I want it!" Love Bunny actually loves our home and he isn't as OCD about color as I am. I LOVE pink! I feel good around pink! I shall have PINK!! I think his favorite color is actually green.

Okay, so all this blather about pink and what comes up first in the pictures but a yellow kitchen. Nuuuuuuu, I'm not color blind; I just love this color of yellow in this kitchen. I wasn't particularly "into" yellow many years ago but I have to admit that if your cabinets are pine, yellow is the most gorgeous color against them you have ever in your life seen. I admit this knowing I had to eat crow about it over 30 years ago. Yellow is absolutely stunning on light or dark pine kitchen cabinets. The below photo rests my case on this one! Gorgeous.........

Just a simply stunningly gorgous room.

Have you ever considered "rings" as a napkin holder. I have. I have a collection of napkin rings somewhere up in the garage attic.

Stripes, especially pink ones, have always had an appeal for me. I absolutely love pink stripes.

Just tell me honestly that your hubby wouldn't adore this room. Pink and black and white and MANLY! Ooooooolala........

Another gorgeous room with lots of pink highlights. A quiet place to sit and just comtemplate.

What is NOT to love about this room??!!