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Monday, June 15, 2009

Summertime Yard Projects

Let's face it, chicks, life is not leisurely in the summer time when you want to plant some new roses front and back, change the bark that washes out with each rain and gets blown into the neighbor's yard 1/2 block down the street when it's windy with 2 1/2 yards (that's the big machine with a scoop) of Wild Rose Mountain Stone which you and hubs will shovel out of the trailer into a wheelbarrow and put into each garden area in the front of the house, the back yard looks like Grasszilla's yard, planned trip to see granddaughter in Washington state and hubs is running for a state position, has a convention and you want that new security camera for the front door put up "on your time frame" and not "hubby's time frame!"

One of the roses I bought to put into the front rose garden.

The "grasszilla" back yard. I'm hoping the quote we have asked for from a lawn service to weed and feed or whatever it needs goes easy on me or I may faint!

The first of my rose carpet on the back fence.

Another one that needs to be planted about 8 feet from the above one.

Second carpet rose we planted on other side of an archway. I have another one to plant about 8 feet from this one also.

This one will go in the rose garden in front also.

This is my neighbor to the east of me or left when looking at the front of my house. You see that tree???? It's only four years old and humongous! It's a Navajo willow or something like that, but it grows tremendously fast. It was in a 3 gallon pot when the previous owner planted it.

The honeysuckle on our garden shed is growing just fine this year.

Okay, okay, I said I was giving up on my star jasmine. I lied. I am going to try 2 more and see how it goes. If nothing else, I'll have had it for this summer and that's okay too.

Do you understand "grasszilla" yard now? Plus the guy came to see what we could do and found out we have a fungus on our pear tree (not pictured here). So we did what he said and hope it will be fine. We'll have him spray to weed and feed in a few days and then need to cut the grass down as low as possible, de-thatch, and then plant some other seed. Apparently this was a cheap seed when we had it sprayed on 4 years ago. So we'll go with a better seed this time. This stuff is pathetic.

My pathetic little garden for tomatoes, peppers and cukes. My gardenia is still alive though and that's a miracle. I haven't killed it yet.

Random Thought:

Cajun style food in any other part of the world would be called "burned and blackened!"