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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where I Create #2

The redo is coming right along. I've had Love Bunny put up a couple of big shelves on the wall but I want to do the placement of some other little shelves I've had for years. Having the walls without the other plastic shelving makes a lot of "bottom" room for me to put up a table to craft on. I'll make a skirt for it later. I had my 40 year old Kenmore sewing machine on the new folding card table after having it on that little blue vintage student desk for probably 35 years but I just couldn't sew on it! Just didn't feel right. I love my old blue desk. Do you have some similar feeling for something like this that you simply cannot give up or substituting something newer just doesn't quite cut it? Of course, it's going to be white someday but too cold outside right now to paint it until spring.

This little 2 tiered shelf came from our master bath. It was beside the garden tub. I can put something else in there so this is going on the sewing/craft room wall.

This shelf can hold sewing supplies. I'm making this the sewing side because of the window and the light I need to sew properly. Plus I'll need more room for the craft side because I have enough crafting junk to last a lifetime or 2 Mormons to last ooooh maybe 22 minutes- 20 minutes if they're using the low temp glue gun! Most are much craftier than me. ;-)

They told me when I joined the church that I wasn't a true Mormon until I could bake bread, had a glue gun, a serger, a van, plant a garden and could can a year's supply of fruit and veggies from said garden during the hottest month of the year here in the desert, paint a tole figure to stick in my front yard commemorating each holiday and do freezer jam and done my genealogy back to Adam.

I hate vans, have a serger (comes in handy), cannot for the life of me bake bread even in my bread maker, have only one sign attached to my porch and that tells the solicitors to "back off" because I'm armed to the teeth, buy my fruits and veggies in cases/cans when they're 3 for a dollar as it's much cheaper for just me and hubs and only have genealogy for me, hubs and our 2 kids! I do, however, buy jams at WM and store them in the freezer. Does this count, ya think?!?!?Just let them try to throw me out of the church. You wanna see hair fly! And yes, I'm Christian...... Just trying to "perfect" myself one moment at a time but in my case it may take a bit longer. :-)

Here's the 2 shelves hubs put up for me. High, but I can reach them.

These 4 shelves are awaiting my decision on where/how to place them. This is the craft side.

This closet would scare ya to death if you could see inside, chickees! I'll need to clean it out at some point soon but for right now what ya can't see doesn't hurt ya! Yeah yeah, I know but I simply can't think about it until hubs gets more boxes outta the trunk of my car to put this "stuff" into and then he has time to haul it to the garage attic. This second part may take until the second coming. And then maybe not even then if hubs has his way or in other words (his) "why bother then?" *Sigh*............

You can still see I have 2 folding tables to use or not use but they're just a mite too long to put next to the sewing table to the right just under that window.
My current "dilemma" is how I should arrange those shelves. Anyone got any suggestions? You see what I've got, just give me some suggestions on how to place the 5 of them on the wall. I'm brain dead at this point!

I'm one of those people that has to have everything in "order" for me to create, paint or sew. This has not been the case with this house for a couple of months now and it won't be until the rest of this house is painted pink inside. The painter comes in a couple of days to do the living room, kitchen and dining area. I can hardly contain myself. ;-) I'll need to spend the evening prior to getting the decor off the walls and moving everything towards the center of the room. Maybe after that I can do some things that have been in my head for a very long time. It's time! *Sigh*..........