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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pink Saturday 2/26/2011

Welcome to my Pink Saturday post again. To visit all the participants, go to Beverly's blog by clicking on the logo below.

I've been busy and had a big disappointment, which I'll go into detail about in another blog post, so I'm scrambling today to find pink to share again with you.

This is a little bird cage I bought and shabby froufrou-ed up. I simply put some faux grass and tiny birds in there with tiny roses that aren't quite visible to you and then hung it with pink curling ribbon, which is tremendously cheap and quite decorative in the house.

This little painting was for sale on ebay and didn't sell. I can't remember the name of the artist now but I contacted her later and asked if it was still for sale. She said that she'd just give it to me! She included the darling frame and the picture and didn't even charge me for postage. The generosity of some people still astounds me. What a charming woman she is. I just love this little teacup picture and its frame. I am a truly blessed chick and most grateful to her for this gift.

I love this little cottage print and can't remember where it came from, but isn't it cute?

While these crystal stemware glasses aren't pink, the paper in the background is. I used it to line the back of our humble china cabinet when we moved into this house 6 years ago. I also trimmed the edges by tacking snippets of vintage lace onto the shelves. I don't get rid of any lace if there is a possible use for it. And these was.

Just a closeup of a few different patterns of our crystal.

These 2 glasses were bought at a neighbor's yard sale when they died. They were both very close to us and died with days of each other. Hubby went over because I couldn't bear to go through their things. He bought these 2 crystal goblets and they are the thinnest and most delicate goblets I've ever held. I am extremely careful with them when we use and then wash them. All by hand, of course.

Love Bunny isn't necessarily a romantic guy but while shopping last week he suggested we buy some of these $5 bouquet of flowers. I didn't disagree of course. Sweet of him.

These two knobs are ones my daughter gave me several years ago. I'd like to make some like them but I'm just being lazy lately so it'll have to wait until I feel like it. I have no clue what I'd do with them, but the pursuit would be as sweet as the rose knobs I think.

I finally added a bit of white trim around the bottom of this lamp shade and got roses almost around the whole thing. I've run out of these particular paper roses and won't be able to finish until I get more. Very hard to find also.


Just a few more rooms to drool over. Imagine your little princess in this room. Heck, I'd take it for myself and put in a queen size bed and get rid of the toys...maybe. ;-) These are all Ethan Allen rooms.

And for your little heroes, this darling bedroom that would probably take him into his teens.

Oh my stars, be still my heart! On second thought, I'd probably prefer this one with the nook off the master suite. Is this not gorgeous?