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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just Rambling Again 6/12/2013

Okay, I promised a giveaway and this is the day. To enter you have to be a follower and leave a comment. That's it. How much easier could it be? Here is what I'll be giving away. First this little ribbon tree. Yep, it can be yours. But there's more.

 Then these little letters to place on a table or to hang on your wall. I also include the fun-tac that will hold it, so no nails or anything to damage your wall.

Then a book I've been touting for many years: Living A Beautiful Life.

So it's up to you now to enter and I've told you the rules. On with the regular post.

I love the this little kitchen/reading/dining area. Looking at the architecture, appliances, sink and windows, I think it might be in another country. Oooh, the colors definitely have something to do with it, but I just would like being able to have a little reading nook near a kitchen. This probably is due to the fact that I've burned many a meals while being here on this computer. My office is down a hall at the front of the house while the kitchen is on the back of the house. I even had the whole house fill with smoke while on this computer once and didn't know it until I went in to check on the roast I had forgotten I was searing. The whole house was filled with smoke except in this office. I had every window and door opened to get it out before Love Bunny got home from a few days away on business. I can't tell you how panicked I was because this has happened several times before. I was so afraid of what he'd say. The house aired out before he got home that evening but he could still tell I'd burned something from the smell in the garage even though I sprayed the entire house with Scentsy several times. He was kind. I now carry a kitchen timer with me wherever I go in the house if I have something on the stove.

I like paper lanterns outside. But sometimes we get high winds here in the desert so it tears them up rather quickly. I wondered if Mod Podging them would make them sturdier. I might try it on one and see how it works but I don't have much hope. And I'm too lazy to put them up and take them down when the winds come and go.

These are bags called Ruby Rag Tag bags. I've loved them for years but never bought one. She does the most gorgeous bags I've ever seen outside of Mary Francis bags, which are absolutely stunning.

I love the way she throws in loopy ribbon or fringe and the colors she uses.

I love this huge bathroom. Look. It has 3 sinks. Perfect if you have 3 girls! But the shower is huge with a sitting bench. My favorite shower would be one without a door to clean though. I have a friend that has a bathroom that is about the size of half of my house. Truly, she has more cabinets in there that any kitchen I've had in my life! Her shower is curved and stone but she said she's going to have to have it re-grouted as it tends not to last well. I can't remember the kind of stone. Anyway, there's no door on it as it doesn't need a door and that's my dream, to not have to clean the nasty scum and mold off of them. What am I saying? Hubs does that for me and it's not really bad in this area anyway. I can still lust, can't I?

Have you ever had a room with wacky colors like this? I haven't but I do still like the combination of colors she used.  Very pretty.

I've had old wine bottle boxes decorated similar to this many years ago. I think I gave them away as I haven't seen them around the house for years. They are usually pretty and very handy for additional shelves in a room.

A faint pink chair in a corner of a wainscoted room with a gorgeous rug underneath. Love the chair and ottoman. I'll be shopping for a new chair very, very soon.

Just something that touches my heart, a laundry basket with a pretty lining.

The chair is a bit busy and the room a bit dark for my taste but it is a very welcoming area in a room for reading a book.

A folding screen in a bedroom has always been a bit of drama I'd like to have had but I can never find room in any of my houses for it.

A European country lane invokes a lot of nostalgia for most of us.

I read recently where a famous person, I won't say whom, asks for her tour accommodations to have bottled water chilled to 21° (Isn't that ice instead of cold water?!), new toilet seats, special red toilet paper and $900 straws. Yes, that's $900 straws! What a waste.

This soothes my nerves after the post above! ;-) Just calming to my mind.

A beautiful way to store dishes, linens or just about anything. I think I'd love this one right here. ;-)


Each year, 36 million gallons of oil run off pavements into streams, rivers and eventually oceans in the United States. That is more oil than was spilled by the Exxon Valdez.
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