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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Chat

I'm still marveling over what I've found when I cleaned up the office here and transferred everything over to the sewing, now sewing/craft, room. I just know that some of the things I'll be using within the next week. I still haven't decided what but I've got a few ideas.

These little wooden blocks are due for a painting - pink, of course - and then spell out something. Hmmmmmm, wonder what it will be. Maybe paint a rose on each of them.

Look at the sweet yellow and pink of these little posies! I think I'll use them on a new birdhouse I'm doing. Maybe it'll be finished by the end of the week.

And who could resist these little pink flowers all shimmery? Not me!!

Yep, got some little white ones also. To think they were hidden under some computer stuff!! I'd forgotten all about them.

These little scraps came to me with some things I'd ordered and were used as packing material. I thought it was just too pretty to throw away so I'm thinking of a way to incorporate them into the newest birdhouse, which will also be covered with rose fabric. What else?!?! :-)

And of course, who could resist these little pink roses to put somewhere? Maybe on a new sachet I plan on doing this week.

Yesssss!!! These were lost under the computer books also! I can't believe what I found today. This little book has a little heart that says "We are always the same age inside." Those are my sentiments exactly. I may be almost 70 but my heart and head are still 20! I keep telling everyone who will listen to this but they don't quite get it if they are under the age of 35. Hah, have they got a lot to learn.

And look at these old victorian stickers.......old boot shoes - or whatever they called them back then, and parasols, fans, hat boxes, hats and more roses! I love old ephemera but these are new type stickers for scrapbooking.