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Friday, October 9, 2009

Whites #4

I've noticed something since I've been blogging. It seems people in the southeast, northeast and midwest like black furniture and darker colors and people in the southwest, west and northwest appear to do more with white furniture and much lighter colors. I would have thought the warm south would have liked the lighter colors since their climate is hot most of the time. Nothing good or bad about either, but it hit me some time ago when viewing the blogs of our southern sisters. Then recently I saw a blog where the woman in the midwest was answering a question as to why she did a stool in black and she said "black sells in the midwest." Just an interesting observation is all.

But I do know that all of us love white linens. So we'll look at some more today. Truthfully, I have a bib like this that I wear when I have on something I don't want to get dirty while eating.

White on white is one of my favorite decorating schemes.

This chair is one of the most elegant I've ever seen.

White and ecru lace looks like gold among silver.

A pretty array of vintage linens for someone to pass on to their posterity.

These are pillows and laces in a shop. But aren't they gorgeous also. Oh my how lovely they look when displayed this way: white with pink. I love it.

Random Thought:

Sometimes I feel like my life is a book and sometimes I feel like it's a pamphlet but many times I feel like it's a note on the refrigerator.