My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Porch

Spring is just around the corner; I can feel it on my face. I went out to the post box this morning and the delicate drizzle just kissed my skin with dewy mist drops. It felt wonderful on my face and brought to mind evenings spent on my porch in the spring. We can't sit on the porch comfortably during August for the most part because of the heat here in the desert of Idaho. But I thought you just might like to see what I have on my porch. It's relatively large by some standards in our neighborhood and covered with a little fence railing across the top, but very protected from the sun and elements. I do love it though. I plan on putting shear voile curtains up there for the spring and summer. Hmmmm, maybe that could be a "honey do" for Love Bunny today. Ooooh, I can hear him now. Sigh......

Anyway, here is a clock with the temperature and humidity of the day I took this picture. It was given to me by my brother when he came to visit a couple of months ago and each time he comes he feels he has to buy me a little something for the house. I appreciated it but I had no place indoors to put it so it went on the front porch. Actually, I love it out there so I can see what time it is when sitting there.

This is one of two faux geraniums I have sitting out there in pots. The pots are concrete so I don't move them around a lot! I did do a verdigris paint job on them though.

This is the wreath I have hanging on my front door. I showed this just after I made it last fall but maybe you didn't see that post. It is stunningly white and pink. This photo is very true to the color of my door and the wreath.

This is the other concrete pot with more faux geranium bushes in it. Trust me, nothing will live in this summer heat and winter cold but faux plants!

I purchased this at World Market a couple of years ago. Since I'm sooooo into the shabby chic, flea market, romantic ME style of decorating, I think this fits right in.

I also love these little oil paintings of the Italian countryside and impressionistic style of flowers. I bought them for a wee amount at World Market also.

My mother bought me this little plaque when we moved to Idaho. She was so proud of the huge, fancy home we bought there, but I'm thrilled to have left it behind! I am so much happier in this small house in the larger town. I'd never live in a small town again. I'm a "suburban" chick from the word GO. I want to be able to shop and eat without running into just about the whole town. ;-)

Yep, these are my humble attempt at roses and bird nests. Not beautiful, but I can at least say I did them. There wasn't much wall space left in the house but I decided I'd like to display them for all who enter this house to know I tried in my own humble little way.