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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Story on Being Beautiful.

I'm not gorgeous nor even beautiful. I can say I am attractive, however. By that I mean "pleasing or appealing" to the senses. Even at seventy-one I get glances from men—and not just old men either, I mean younger men. I think it's my "cuteness." I'm always smiling, always ready to joke with someone and I look approachable most times. If I see someone who I think might be threatening I put on my unapproachable look. It works for me. But I've never, ever considered myself glamorous or gorgeous. I'm realistic. And my actions.

But recently I saw this video put out by the American Film Institute featuring Dustin Hoffman talking about his role in Tootsie. I want to comment on that but first take a look at the video.

It was an eye opener for me. First of all, I consider him very good-looking; he doesn't see himself that way. I'm not a big fan of his but he is a very good actor. I think if they had put on different glasses on him for the role and done a more stylish hair style he would have been lovely. But the Tootsie character looked a big "dated", in my opinion. I never saw the movie though.

But it got me thinking about how many men have passed up lovely women because they didn't fit a certain description they considered worthy of their time. I, personally, know some of the most beautiful women ever. Some never dated much, if at all, in high school or college. Sad but true. They are intelligent, funny, great to be around and just super gals. They are also women of faith. I didn't date a whole lot because I was a bit shy then and it didn't seem important as I had girl friends I hung out with mostly. Men didn't particularly interest me as a young woman. I know a woman who stands almost 6 feet tall and is married to a man about 5 feet tall. She's lovely; he's hilarious. They have several children. She said she'd never even considered marrying someone she towers over but they are a funny, happy and cute couple still having children. You'd never picture them together if you knew them separately.

This brings me to the crux of my story. I wonder how many men considered me dull, boring and not their ideal vision of a woman to marry? Then married the high school cheerleader and are divorced now. In fact, how did they view me? I got lucky with the man I did marry. He loves me unconditionally and I mean that with all my heart. He puts me on a pedestal, does just about anything I ask of him. He also thinks I'm beautiful. I also know some lovely women who are ugly inside. They don't think much of themselves, hopping from living with one guy to the next. Putting tattoos all over their lovely skin. How frightening for your babies to see only ugly objects tattooed on your body. I say this because a niece of mine is covered with tattoos and her hubby is also as that is his profession and so is her mom, my sister. You have no idea how it saddens me that their children will see frightening images on them for the rest of their lives instead of the skin God gave them. My sister was beautiful once and her daughter looks just like her. [My sister and niece never read my blog and don't even know about it so I say this knowing they'll never see what I write.] Men just use them, but you can't blame the men. Women need to take a good look at who and what they are. I am a child of a God and in doing so treat myself with respect. Hubs and I did not live together before we married. I think too much of myself and him to allow that to happen. I wasn't religious then but I am now and I'm glad we've stuck together though the hard times also. It took a long time to realize it and we rarely do when we're younger. I believe it takes many years to realize your potential and worth. You have to feel beautiful to be beautiful. I've seen many women carry it off wonderfully.

I cried when Dustin Hoffman cried in that video, mostly for his admission about how many women he did not talk to because they didn't seem to be his idea of an attractive women. I think he realizes it now. I've rarely ever turned some man away for his looks. I try to look at his heart and how worthy he is. There are a lot of them out there that probably won't find a mate because of the way women view men. It's the other side of the coin. Tragic in my opinion, truly tragic.

So hubs and I will celebrate of 53rd year of marriage in a couple of months. With our gorgeous kids, grandkids and great grand girls, we are a forever family and love each other very much. Families are forever and beyond and I love mine tremendously.

I'm pretty sure this is a Charles Faudree room. As I've stated before I love his decorating.

A quaint French restaurant. I love its revolving door also. We don't see many of them anymore except in large cities, but I truly feel regal going through them.

And a quaint cottage decorated with a profusion of flowers at the sweetly curtained door. Upper windows thrown open for airing the room and curtains billowing in the sun.

A neat idea to separate a large room into smaller cozy areas. Easy and inexpensive.

Just a couple of flowery pomanders hanging on doors.

Sweet peonies.

A tea party for friends.

I love this laundry room. So many places to store things!

And another beautiful pink rose fading to pale yellow and green.

A delightful living or family room. When our great grandgirls were here in November, I threw a quilt over our new sofa and didn't fret one bit about cookies, candies, fruits or anything else getting the sofa soiled. What a thrill not to worry. They loved it and so did my granddaughter.

A bit of eye candy for you today.

A cake for a queen.

Lovin' the vintage tin cans in this kitchen. Cute!

Another idea for a garden using an old door. You can find these readily at garage sales or antique stores and not too costly at all.

And just some lovely bright flowery, checked and plaid pillows for a porch settee.
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