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Saturday, September 6, 2008

End of Camping Trip

So we bid adieu to the first camping trip with Love Bunny's new toy - camper. It wasn't so bad because I love the man, but I sure hope he gives it up after the next couple of years! I can't take the stress much more. But I do want to frou frou it up for next year and see if that makes it a bit more pleasant.

This is looking at where we slept this year. I'll post the difference in a few months. It'll take that long to get the fabric, redo all the cushions and get the courage to go in it again after the past few day's experiences. LOL

The opposite end where we will put all the storage items. And yes, that's the little portable toilet on the floor.

I've already put the plumeria scented sachet in it. I may switch to rose scent oil though. The plumeria was too fragrant to smell all the time because I really doused that thing with oil!

These are socks I wore for one day only! They were filthy. Hubs washed my feet for me each night before I got into the sleeping bag. He's such a humble and sweet man. My shoes have since been scrubbed clean with a stiff brush. Man, they were filthy also!!! Whewwwwww........

Heading home through north of Boise. Yeeeeeeaaaahhhhh, yipppeeee and yahoooooo!! I sleep in my bed tonight!