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Friday, May 20, 2011

Pink Saturday 5/21/2011 and Some Comments

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I made this froufrou umbrella for my great granddaughter and it hangs in her room.

I made this one for ME out of an old umbrella frame. They are quite adorable and get compliments from all who see them.

I was informed this week by my podiatrist that I had to wear the boot for one more week to ensure my achilles tendon is firmly attached to the heel bone. So just sitting at home I've watched over 50 movies in the past month. My daughter gave me her Netflix account number to view them on my laptop by simply streaming them since we have no television. So I have some comments on movies and actors as well.

My favorite movies have always been spy, espionage, action movies; I just love to see the bad guys get their just due. I do not like chick flicks at all. But in reading Claudia's blog last week I think it was, I also would like to comment on the media people.

I have never in my 70 years seen so many people with face lifts, plump lips, whiter than white teeth and cleavage. It's as if they try to outdo each other for the most revealing dress. Trashy! The anchor women on news are so obnoxious to watch. Their heads doesn't move for fear of their hair getting out of place! Are there no normal looking people on television? That's hardly reality. Not to mention smoking, cussing and dresses that my mother would never have allowed me to wear. What is it with modesty anymore? I'm a very modest person, but most of the actresses and anchors dress like prostitutes with nothing left to the imagination. I could actually see up the skirt of one anchor we saw when visiting with kids last year and watching news with them. That's why we gave up watching television year ago.

Then there's the hypocrisy of smoking. Every single movie had all the actors and actresses smoking and driving luxurious cars while they're telling me to not drive or purchase certain cars. We've had a couple of friends buy "efficient" cars but traded them in because they were so bad to drive. Hypocrisy to tell me to not use my dryer and hang clothes out on the line, but it doesn't apply to them. I'm sick of the Hollywood types trying to tell me what to do. Does no one have flat lips anymore or eyes that aren't exactly like every other Hollywood actress because they all go to the same plastic surgeon? Plus their mouths would have been washed out by my father and mother. Filthy language.

I saw The Towering Inferno and really liked it, plus Steve McQueen's acting was very natural. His facial expressions were what I would expect a face to look like in the situations he was in. Very good actor. I haven't seen one actress of today who can act except for Sally Fields and she smoked and had a filthy mouth also. And some popular ones are just plain untalented. I truly was astonished by the lack of acting by most of the ones I saw.

I loved all the James Bond movies. They all smoked, wore bikinis and went barefoot when climbing a mountain to find the evil man's lair. Plus they'd wear high heels to walk on the streets of Turkey. Those are uneven brick or stone streets. Yep, that's how I do things every day: high heels and bikinis. Just nutty in my opinion. And we won't even talk about The Terminator, who in my opinion is simply Euro Trash to do to his wife what he did. How despicable can a man get? But it's becoming the norm. How truly, truly sad.

This is a video of our General Conference in April. The topic is desire and addresses some the the things in the world today. I thought it's more than appropriate to watch (if you so desire of course) at this day in time.


Off my soapbox...for today anyway.