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Friday, December 24, 2010

A Wysocki Christmas for 2010 Pink Saturday

Merry Christmas from Connie and Love Bunny, my sweet blogging chicks. I hope this day finds you all well, laughing with your family and stuffed with favorite foods of the season, whatever that may be in your home.

But it's still Pink Saturday so go to Beverly's site and view all the other participants.


As with all of you, I have always loved Christmas, not for the gifts—oh, that was probably true as a child, but for the feelings most of us feel this time of year. I believe it ranks right up there as the most favorite holiday of the year. In saying that, I'll explain what it means to us in this home.

We're a very religious family. We attend church every sunday and try to observe the Sabbath as a holy day of rest. That's tough for me because I'm always busy doing something. But we don't shop on sundays, work, eat out or have lavish dinners. We try to keep all sunday dinners simple so we don't spend a lot of time preparing or cleaning up after dinners.

I've already stated this but I'll say it again: We don't buy presents for each other, only for the youngest grandkids and, now, our great granddaughter. It's not about saving money for us; it's about being in the true Spirit of the reason for this holiday, plus there are absolutely no NEEDS here and very little wants. We concentrate a bit more of the life of Christ and the glorious gift of eternal life he has given us. To be caught up in the frenzy of purchasing gifts, decorating (although, hubs insists we have a tree and lights around the house outside because he loves seeing those things), and the frazzle of shopping isn't my idea of fun either. It's chaotic and we then forget our Savior and His gift.

So I'm just going to share some limited edition prints we have of Charles Wysocki that I've collected and now hang in the bedroom's hallway. In our last house we had the dining room all red and green and Christmas-y all year and yes, there was bright red carpet that no one could believe we put in there. I thought it was gorgeous though. I loved it but we don't need a formal dining room now so they have taken up residence in that hallway. Frankly, I'm just too lazy to take them down for a good photoshoot so this is as good as it gets in that cramped hallway. And, since you're here, you've probably had it with the family, all the cooking, eating and just want to get away from the zaniness for a few minutes. ;-)

Wysocki's paintings were representative of a time when it seemed simpler but truly wasn't because we now have much more spare time due to the invention of time- and labor-saving devices. I doubt I'd like to have lived back then but I would like the patriotic fervor, camaraderie, politeness and gentleness that era evokes in us. You'll always see an American flag in his paintings and prints. Most of his paintings usually evoke the New England part of our country and, although born in Michigan, he lived most of his life in Southern California. He is my favorite Americana artist of all times. His artwork just makes me happy to view it.

Wysocki once said donuts were nature's perfect food. I wholeheartedly agree! You'll notice the touch of whimsy in his painting below by putting his name—Charlie—on the pastry wagon.

Who wouldn't love this happy greeting at this time of year?

This is one I bought for my hubby because it has a train in it.

So, again, Merry Christmas! Enjoy the season and I hope your New Year is a happy one for you and your family.