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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Just Rambling Again Today 10/3/2013

Get ready for my great-grandma brag here. Yes, it's my blog and I can brag about my great granddaughters if I want to.

Miss Juliette is a sweet-tempered angel who will be one year old at Thanksgiving. Her dark hair is curling now like her sister's hair, Miss Caroline. Here are the two of them on a recent camping trip with my daughter—their grandmother and the girls' parents in our daughter's RV. They were all up in Washington at a camp park.

Miss Caroline is a gorgeous curly-headed pistol! We love them both enormously! Here are a few recent comments by Miss Caroline. 

As her mum dropped her off the other day at pre-school she said: I look so posh today. She's been saying things like this for a little while. The teachers told her mum that she's the most auditory child they've ever had. She never, ever forgets something. It amazes us to no end. She's 3 years old now but even earlier she would retain things and never forgot them, much to her parent's dismay. Here are a few more things she's said lately.

"You must have some of this exquisite pizza, darling."  Darling???
"Juliette is having a dilemma."
"I need more accessories." ????
I think we've created a queen here!

It's becoming the season for red cinnamon apples and caramel apples. That's one of my favorite things to look at this time of year. FOOD! I also love the snuggle-type weather where we hunker down and wait for the snows to drift down from heaven and leave it so quiet you can hear it snow.

I do love this living room: the arrangement, the colors, the roses, the windows, the fireplace, just about everything about this room.

This has to be in another country from the architecture. I'm guessing a northern European clime. Just gorgeous.

When I saw this on the internet I gasped. It is one of the prettiest paintings I've ever seen of flowers. Looks simple but I'm betting it took a lot of work to get it right. Beautiful!!!

My front door is also red but nothing as beautiful as these doors.

Another stunning bottle.

Sit and have a cup of tea while reading. Love the red cup and saucer and how it reflects the red of the tea.

Hmmmm. Seems to be a red day, huh?!

This looks beautiful with the colors of red, white and blue. A traditional living room with our country's colors.

What stands out in this living room? The coffee table because it contrasts harshly with the white. While the room is gorgeous in white, the table takes center stage here. I'd have put a much prettier table there than a plain dark one. Looks out of place to me.

Soothing vignette.

Okay, okay, I'm thinking of food again! But aren't these delightful to look at as well as to eat? ;-)

These drizzled caramel apples are divine to look at also.

I think this homeowner did a fantastic job on creating a mantle vignette with several different kinds of glass but bringing them together with paint and flowers. This is very creative and one of the most beautiful vignettes I've ever seen.

See this. Not all bathrooms have to be boring with white porcelain sinks. Sweet and original.