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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ardenwood Victorian Home 2

Let me begin by saying that the victorian home in this historical park was closed the day we were there. However, a caretaker saw us admiring the home and taking photographs. He then told us to go stand on the porch. We couldn't figure out why but then the front door opened and he gave us a private tour for about an hour. We were thrilled to have a personal tour and all of our questions answered. He was a sweetheart and showed great kindness to us and for that we are much appreciative.

But all the shades were down and it was very dark in there so these pictures were not taken under the best of circumstances so they are what they are and we thanked him profusely for the personal tour.

Braiding their plants was something I'd never seen before but here is a picture of it in their front porch area.

This is the front. It's one of the first homes in that area to have electricity when it was originally built. The turret is mosaic just below the roof.

Close up of front balcony.

Gazebo I would love to have in my yard.

Roses in front porch garden.

Original settee in front parlor. That floor is parquet but each tiny piece is hand set in and nailed. Not like we get now but artisan perfect with each piece put in separately. Magnificent!

Turret windows in front room parlor.

Close up of original stained glass window.

Fireplace and original mantel in front parlor.

Family private parlor, which is akin to our family rooms today. Looks like they played a lot of games with that table and chairs so prominent in the room.

Original mantel and fireplace in family parlor.

Upstairs and just starting to go through that area.

More soon!