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Friday, February 6, 2009

My Treasured Heirlooms

First of all I need to alert all of you to something that has come up this past week. I received an email from a woman who didn't realize what "goodies" I have on my "sidebar" — all those little "thingies" on the sides of the actual blog posts. Well, when she saw that I had a blogging tutorial and a blogging etiquette she really liked it. I put them there sometime last summer from a tutorial I did for an ebay group I belong to. A lot of chicks were having trouble getting around Blogger so I did this tutorial to help them. I'm very computer savvy and this has helped them quite a bit. I'm happy to help anyone who needs it. But if you'll check on the right side you'll see the "Blogging Tutorial" and the "Blogging Etiquette" so you can click on it and be taken directly there. You'll also see that I've updated my "Home" and "Laundry Room" widgets on the side. I took some newer photos recently and added them there. You are most welcome to view it. I try to keep my blog free of superfluous and extraneous stuff but I do add a few things from time to time. Sometimes things get lost in the "fluff"!! But check it out and see what you might learn.

I received a package a few days ago and when I opened it up I just squeeeeeealed, chicks. It has pink peanuts in it. Leave it to Cathy to simply delight my senses with what I won from her. Well, actually, I won a gift certificate and this is what I chose. I do believe this magnificent cherub included extra things in it! Hmmmmm, just a guess, but I don't remember a roses pitcher or tea towels being ordered. And I was just thinking a week or two ago how much I needed some new tea towels. Just brightened my day, I tell ya!

These vintage glass bottles are gorgeous and I'll just put them around where they'll look best but right now I'm thinking the guest bath would be a nice spot to put them.

These are absolutely the most real faux candies or truffles I've ever seen or felt. They have a heft to them. I love everyone's faux candies though, truly I do. Cathy had them nestled on pink crinkle paper in a little bag - just like you'd buy them in a candy store.

Just look at this little beauty. All pink and roses. It's not real big but it could hold some chocolate for a cold winter's night snack.

Thank you, thank you, Cathy, from the depths of my heart. I shall treasure them and they'll be passed on to my daughter.