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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Artist's Home

Call me lazy if you want; I truly don't care, but I just haven't had the motivation to go out and photograph things lately. I've been more or less a slug. No matter. We can be slugs if we want at times. I have something coming up soon that will motivate me I think. In the mean time, you'll have to settle for scans from very old books I have.

This home is in Malibu and a famous actor and his painter wife live here. I absolutely love this home and what she's done with it. She's also a gardener so they have lush gardens to fill the home with blooms pretty much year round with the southern California climate. I know. We lived there for many years before moving to northern California and then to Idaho and retirement.

This side faces the ocean and has her gorgeous garden.

Looking out at the beautiful Pacific. I love having hydrangeas in my yard also. It's pretty hard to kill them! And that's what I need.

They have a wind break for the garden to help with the sand and wind. Her hubby doesn't particularly like the garden but you see who won that battle!

She has roses all over her house. Wouldn't that be wonderful to have them pretty much year round?

Her house seems more like a Country Shabby Chic home with all the antiques she has around it.

Just one of her living areas.

My blogging friend, Claudia, would love this idea I think since she has an older cottage with stairs in upstate New York.

I have always loved roses covered sofas but never had the desire to purchase one for myself. I prefer a plain sofa and accent it with patterned chairs. After all, how often do we change a sofa? They usually have to last for a long time. But this one is just gorgeous!

She and her hubby have an indoor hot tub so don't have to worry about the cold. I think it's very quaint

Their dining area.

Notice the magnificent doors and windows.

An antique playhouse someone once made for their little girl out of scraps of lumber.

I can't even imagine a bedroom like this with windows facing the Pacific Ocean.

Again, her roses inhabiting the whole house.

This is their formal living room.