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Monday, January 24, 2011

House from 1979

I've been cleaning out old files lately and have several books of cutouts from old magazines I've kept for years. Now, if I was in my 30s or 40s I might just keep them, but since I'm just about older than dirt I decided to let them go, but only after I scanned them into my computer. ;-) Then I decided to share them with you. Remember, this magazine is from 1979 so that's 31 years ago, but the style of this house is truly ageless. Come see what I mean. And, bloggers, the magazine isn't the best quality since it's very old. Some photos are rather bad but I decided to share no matter what.

It's owned by a decorator in Southern California. She used pink before pink was so popular. This is her living room and her choice of fabrics for the sofa and chairs framing her fireplace are beautiful fabrics.

Her sofa table is almost like mine but mine is burgundy. It may get painted in the summer depending on what's going on, but I love her pink one.

Her other color choice is blue. I know the scan is not good but you get the gist of it.

Her dining room. It's a tad busy for me but it's gorgeous nonetheless. You'll also notice that she mixes early American colonial antiques with modern pieces in her home.

The front of her home and her dining area.

The entry way in her home.

The master bedroom. I've love to have a bedroom this big.

More to come later. Can't let ya see all the beauties in one day. :-)