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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Beach Story

Soon, within the next day or so, I'm going to show you some of the couture items I've been looking at on the internet. I've gathered about 320 photos of gorgeous couture from all over the net. I had been posting about 18 photos on each post and have cut back to 15 each post recently which should start about the middle of July. (I was thinking it was too much for y'all and it might become boring for you.) As I've said before, I schedule them out for weeks at a time. I like to keep ahead of the game. ;-) And I've started posting every 2 days instead of almost every day or at my whimsey. It was just getting to be a hassle because of things that are happening in my life at this moment in time. (Okay, I'm having surgery the middle of July and didn't want to say anything until it was over. But as you'll read in a post for July 10th, you'll understand why. I'll be fine, no cause for concern.)

Anyway, I'm going to post the couture blog posts in between. After viewing them and salivating, I thought it was kind of mean to not show them to all of you AND I just was lazy in not wanting to take the time to grab them, edit them in Photoshop, resize them pixel wise and them upload them to Photobucket and then make a blog post for them. That takes a LOT of time. I am thinking that I'll just post them with no stories or comments, just the photos, to save myself time. However, I've been known to change my mind. In other words, I can't shut up! While I am a very good listener, I'm a very good talker also. But, trust me, you will not want to miss seeing these gorgeous dresses and gowns. They are beyond belief. You'll see. I'll need a few days just to get them ready to post on my blog. You will absolutely not be disappointed. If you are, your money will be refunded. Cheerfully! :-)

As I mentioned earlier in this post (I think), I'm not fond of the ocean. Here is the story.

One year when we were in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, hubs and I got tired of the pools at the hotel and decided to hit the beach and ocean. There were many people on the beach that day. He's brave and fearless of the ocean so he went in first on the small alcove of beach. I tiptoed in later. We went out to about my chest or neck area and when I had my back to the ocean, a huge wave came in and knocked me off my feet and tossed me around quite a bit. I truly couldn't tell which way was up. When people talk about this now I know exactly what they mean. I looked for light but couldn't see any. Finally, my face hit bottom sand and I knew then which way to go up to the surface. It scared me like nothing ever had before. You are truly disoriented as to direction. Don't think it can't happen to you because that's what I thought. I poo-pooed people that said that.

He helped me to the beach and many people were standing there to help in any way they could. I had wretched my back a bit and was tender for a while. He led me to the outdoor shower and I had so much sand in my bathing suit that I couldn't get it out even after we went home. In fact, I had sand coming out of you-know-where for weeks after that. Yep, it got into every crevice it could. This is not an exaggeration!

This is the hotel we stayed at there.

So I have a very healthy appreciation for the ocean now. I stay away from it as much as possible. ;-)

This reminds me of Greece with the pretty white walls, sparkling water and abundance of flowers.

Somewhere in France or Spain probably, but I truly don’t know. Just from the stone walls, tiled roof and the shuttered windows, that would be my guess.

An elegant and inexpensive way to creative a bit of relief from the hot sun. Beautiful surroundings made cozy and private.

That curved wall gives the home a lot of character. Exquisitely private setting.

A small kitchen cabinet but arranged to add cuteness even without a lot of space. Having no doors just adds to a lovely display.

A tiny hideaway.

This homeowner/apartment dweller made use of a very tiny space to grow her herbs and have a breezy perch to sit.

If it’s pink it’s got my attention. Love the pink beadboard wall. The whole area reminds me of candy.

Another idea for old buckets and hanging tea lights.

Gift for a friend, perhaps?

Lucky homeowner who snagged this vintage beauty.

Going on vacation. ;-)

A beautiful pathway down to a beach.


A back porch made happy!

Another quaint cottage.

Now this brings back memories of my grandmother’s house. We had an old glider like this when I visited her while growing up.

I’m betting Greece with the white-washed stone wall, bougainvillea, tiled roof and gorgeous blue sea.
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