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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Story about Watches

Yes, I know I haven't been blogging much lately but I'll try to do better. Just too much "chaos" in my life right now. And I am not happy about it. It will get better though.

This is a story of an anniversary gift from our son on our 50th wedding anniversary a few years ago. Although we requested no gifts as he and our daughter were treating us to a 3 day weekend in Santa Barbara on the beach and that was costly enough, our son gifted us with 2 very expensive watches. We had a delightful weekend and then went home. We put the watches back until we could get a few links taken out as they were a bit big. I'm sure these watches cost a couple of thousand dollars because when we took them in to the jewelers they told us they were extremely good watches—or in jewelers parlance, expensive, which is typical of our son and daughter.

It took us a while to get them into a jeweler who would do it. Yes, "a jeweler who would/could do it." They can only be done by the maker of the watches since there were no approved dealers in Boise. So our batteries wore down. Well, to have the battery changed we had to take them to an approved jeweler for these watches or send them in to the manufacturer. We took them to a jeweler who would wrap, insure and send them in to the watchmaker for us. It cost us $250.00 to have the batteries changed. Needless to say, we will now conserve the batteries by pulling the stem out (this preserves the batteries) when we are not wearing them. They are beautiful and have a simple elegance. I just wish our kids wouldn't spend so much money on us. They are both very generous to their mom and dad though. Now that I think about it, they'll inherit them. Hmmmm. ;-)

I don't think I know anyone who wouldn't love to have this kitchen. It's one of the largest and prettiest I've ever seen.

Or this one either. I love how they've woven new with vintage into a gorgeous kitchen. I wonder how they dust the rafters though. ;-)

I love blue but not a huge fan of blue rooms. But this one is stunning. The color of blue and the weaving in of reds and pinks and yellows is truly magnificent, as are the walls.

This room is a favorite of mine. I like the arrangement of furniture, easy to converse when 2 sofas are across from each other...if you have the room.

Of course the colors struck me first. I am not a fan of old dark pictures on the wall. Perhaps these are relatives but I'd still like to see bright cheery pictures on the wall.

I like this room a lot also. Just a room large enough to accommodate several friends at one time. It's just a lovely room.

A small cheerfully decorated dining room done in beautiful colors.

I had to show you this bar of carved soap. Who in the world would want to bathe with it after all that intricate carving was done? Just a stunning work of art.

A beautiful bouquet of roses in a lovely blue vase. Those look like David Austin roses to me but I am no expert on this at all.

A cute sofa in a french style. This looks rugged enough to have in a family room with a bunch of kids. I like this one a lot. I'll take it in pink however. :-)

More flowers in stunning colors of pink and orange.

I have no idea where this shop is but it's certainly a stunning place for a shop.

A delightful place on a back porch for two. I'd really like this on our patio but our patio faces south—in a desert—so you know eating out there isn't going to happen. I've resolved myself to that a long time ago. But this is how I'd like mine to look anyway. Beautiful!

A beautiful rose arch with a pebble stone walkway. We can dream, right?

I find this cute. Plain and simple: cute.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Some Pretty Rooms and Great Granddaughter Stories

I'm still doing physical therapy for the sciatica and now some chiropractic also. I've always loved chiropractic and it certainly can't hurt. I had a "massage" by a young man who is very familiar with the body. I hurt when he got though but I was hurting badly when I went to him, too. We'll see what happens. And I thank all of you for sending me personal advice. I am definitely taking the magnesium and it's helping. But I'm on pain killers at least once a day. That nerve sure can incapacitate you! It's certainly disrupted my life for 2 months now,

Also, reminding you again to go to my Pinterest page with over 15,300 pins and 26,423 followers so far. I pin every single day and there is nothing on there but beautiful images. Go see for yourself because I doubt I'll ever get them all on my blog here.

And you know you're going to get some stories about our great granddaughters, too. Right? :-)

Some of the things the 4 year old said while we were over there recently:

At the dinner table: "Pass the French bread, my darling." [HUH!] But we did and she said, "Thank you." Her parents are very good at teaching her manners.

Then later at the table she said: "I have an announcement." And then told us what it was.

Then she told her dad to "Snap out of it. You need to focus, Dad!" We all just looked at her and wondered where that came from. Of course, she was trying to get his attention.

When we speak to her on the phone she always says, "Thank you for the call. And I love you, Nana and Poppop."

Then one night as she was being tucked into bed she told her mom: "You will never be alone because I love you so much. To be alone you would have to hide, because there is someone in this house that loves you so"

When we took her on a surprise visit to ride a pony cart she later told her mom: "I had a great adventure today, Mom."

This is a story she told her mom on the way to work several months ago, all made up of course. She has an extreme imagination. "As a child living in Mexico we swam in the ocean and ate fairies with a little tomato and Parmesan cheese. And then I was a pirate captain in the Sea of Egypt who found a boy who wanted to be a pirate but didn't know how to swim. So we took him to Egypt Swim School, but when they got there it was actually a house filled with gems that were booby-trapped with nails and they all had to run away." [As my granddaughter told me: This kid is nuts! LOL] Oh, and she's never lived in Mexico.

I think we're creating a snob here!! But they are cute, great granddaughters, in general I mean.

Blue is a beautiful color and I like it a lot also, so I thought you'd like this elegant home to check out.

This periwinkle color is lovely also. Very beautiful and intriguing.

I'm a gal who loves seeing a pretty laundry with all the pretty colors of cleaning paraphernalia, baskets, tins of soap, baskets of laundry, etc. This is gorgeous to me.

While not too elegant, it is something I'd love in a house big enough for it. Lovely and adore the colors.

This is cozy and intimate, more my taste.

A plethora of flowers over a draped door has me envisioning Mexico, which we visited many times. I love it more than any other place to vacation.

This reminds me of Mackenzie-Childs ware, which I've loved since the early 80s. They are a very quirky couple but produce gorgeous items for the home.

Even antiques shows looks gorgeous with all the lovely items they produce for sale. Not many around Idaho though.

How about this darling suitcase used as a storage for quilts for winter. Beautiful!

I thought this was a great idea for kids coming in from mud or snow or for washing the family dog. What a luxury this would be to the lady of the house.

Another flea market showing sweet sofas, desks and a plethora of desirable items we want. Cute!

A little sun room/porch to use as a place to laze around or eat in it in the summer time.

This is an English home—cozy, warm and life revolving around the kitchen wood stove.

I love this kitchen, especially the dining chairs and the french pastry cart.

Not sure what kind of flower this is. Looks like a multi-colored peony but I'm not familiar enough with flowers to be certain. Whatever it is it's beautiful.
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