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Friday, August 1, 2008

Remodel Day #6 & "Pink Saturday"!

Okay okay, it's still early here in the west, chicks!! Just got up and have part done from last night, but needed more photos for ya.

Not much different from yesterday except more mud on the walls and he's to come back today for 3rd mudding and texturing. Then monday we'll paint it and it'll be done except for the "decorating"! *Smile*

Close up of a basket I keep things in.

My first attempt at painting on something "round"! Eeegads, what a time that was. I'll get better though.........I think!

A tribute to my group on ebay. Oh my, how I love those special chickadees! Simply the best ever............

A rose painting a woman was going to throw away and I said send it to me and I'll display it!!! Can you imagine? It's just gorgeous.

Very closeup of one of my birdhouses in my collection.
A sign I bought on ebay because it touched my heart........ ;-)

More "fluff" laying around this house. Always "PINK" fluff though!

The beginning of one of my paper roses. I must get back to them, but blogging keeps getting in the way......and remodeling........and cleaning...........and cooking........and laundry..........and my affair with Tom Selleck and Clint Eastwood! Hah, as if?????

And this is the lovely paper wrapped around the last pictures. You'll see it when you get down to the bottom. I put the little decoupaged hangers on there because they have PINK roses on them and contrast with that wild and crazy paper!!!!!! Wooooohoooo.

My very first painting that I ever considered selling on ebay. I guess no one else thought I should have considered selling it because it didn't. Humbled me, but I don't care. I love it and proudly hang it in my house. So when I'm rich and famous from painting roses and running around in my Mercedes with a chauffeur and thumbing my nose at all of them and wearing those bustiers and hot pants and showing off this hot bod, I can laugh and go nananananana, right??!?!!! And if you believe that, you really ARE in lala land, sweet chicks. I don't want riches; I HAVE them! I have my kids and Love Bunny!!! Yesssssssss, who could ask for anything more than that?!??!

A very sweet and talented lady, Miss Doodle, gave me this lovely roses painting. (It is but a snippet of the whole canvas.) And for that she is in my thoughts almost daily because it hangs on the wall across from me here in my office/computer room.

Another painting that touched my heart from Lorena. It's on the same wall and I see it every single day!

A lot of women send me things for helping them with their computers and technical stuff because I am a techie. This is what one sweet lady sent me - 2 lovely rose paintings. I know, I know, you're asking how can this "beautiful HOT se*y nana chick" be so techie??? I don't know, just lucky I guess!! But I help anyone with anything I can about computers and blogging and photography. Now, don't beat the door down asking me things. I'm busy with the remodeling, ya know!!!

Can you believe this?!?!? I received these in the mail yesterday from Joanne after winning the delightful D R E A M letters from her. BUT can you even guess what they are??? At first I wondered why she would send me some elegant gloves with fancy polka dots on them. And then I picked them up and they're rubber gloves!! Yes, gardening gloves, but ya know what, my sweet chickadee?? I just may wear them out to Applebee's tonight with my "not-so-elegant" attire. Hey, I live in Ideeeeeho, ya know!!! Formal is a crease in your jeans and spit shined boots!!!

And finally, does this say it all?!?!?! The letters/word I won from Joanne.

Remodel Day #5

Day 4 wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, but tonight will be with all the sanding. I've covered the living room with plastic drop cloths because tonight it's sand, sand, sand the walls and then apply more "mud" and sand again. So the next 2 days will be the worst in terms of "sanding dust", which I am NOT looking forward to! Here's what it looks like this morning.

My sweet long time friend, Steph, has awarded me yet another blog award. I love Steph dearly and her mum is my adopted mum. Just how lucky can one chick get, I ask you???!!! She's a true southern lady. :-)

Here are the rules~~~~~~
1. Link this back to the person that tagged you.
2. Post these rules in your blog.
3. Share 6 unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag people at the end of your entry.
So here are six unimportant things about me~~~~~

I love going barefoot. Hubs is always telling me it'll ruin my feet and it causes them to get "tough" on the bottom (his are as soft as a baby's bottom!) but I hate wearing shoes unless I go out somewhere. I am sitting here typing this with my pink "crocs" on though because of the mess in this house at the moment. Nails, staples, wood parts and chunks of sheetrock are everywhere!

I'm a list maker. I can't live without my lists - from grocery lists to to-do daily lists, it's what I have to do to accomplish things.

I'm not fond of the daily routine of cooking. But sometimes I like to try gourmet recipes and love that. If I was rich I'd have a cook, masseuse and a gardener!

I am NOT a social animal. I hate parties and if you asked me to play a silly game I'd probably refuse. Hubs, however, is a party animal! I only go to functions I absolutely have to go to and that's very few. I love staying at home. Plus I loathe having my picture taken. That's a very personal thing to me so you'd better ask before you take one. I am not a "star" type person and would much rather go through life as a small fish in a big pond instead of a big fish in a small pond. Toooooo much responsibility, chicks!

I cannot stand disorder whether it's in my house, car, garage, yard or head, there has to be order and not chaos for me. I don't function well if it's not. I know, I know, I have a serious problem, you say. SOOOOO WHAT?!?!!!! It won't kill ya, right???

I love Toyota Camrys. I doubt I'll ever have another car that's not a Camry. It just keeps on trucking along no matter what.

Now, for the people I'm supposed to tag. Well, I wanna tell ya something, sweet blogging chicks, I've seen this go around to many of the more "popular" chicks' blogs and some never get tagged. How sad, because there are some lovely bloggers out there that I'd absolutely love to get to know better. I especially like to know what state and town they are in. I truly do! So what I would like to happen is that for anyone and everyone reading this to take the rules and answer with the 6 unimportant things about yourself and pass it on. I do this NOT to get out of tagging someone but because I truly do want to learn more about all of you.

I've seen some, for lack of a better word, "selectiveness" in some blogs. I've NOT selective; I love hearing from and learning about each and everyone of you. So please, please give it a go, my sweet friends. We're all here blogging to have a good time so let's HAVE a good time!!!!!

Yesterday while surfing some of the blogs I remembered an incident that happened in Mexico - Puerto Vallarta, I think - many years ago now and thought I'd tell you the story today on here.

We were in the condo just coming in from the pool and I was just changing from my bathing suit into some clothes. There was a knock at the door. The young men always bring big fresh bottles of water for the "north americans" every day in those Culligan-type 5 gallon containers which are quite heavy because our tummies just cannot adjust to their water for the short period we vacation there.

Anyway, there was a knock and I couldn't get to it in time. The mirror was on the side of the bathroom where the door was visible when I was looking in the mirror. So after a wait of several seconds because I was "in the middle" of changing (read here as stark n*ked!), I heard the key in the door and the door opening. There stood a very shocked young mexican guy who froze! I looked at him and he was getting an "eyeful" of this gorgeous hot bod!! Riiiiiiiight!!!! LOL He realized I was in the condo at that point but after not answering right away decided to just use the staff key to come in and leave the water. As I said, he froze and I froze and then he backed out, Jack rushed to the door from the living room and opened the door and got the water. It was quite a shock. Ooooh, and we never saw that guy again. I suspect his eyes are still "glazed over" and he's still in rehab from that incident!!! Pray for him; he needs it!!!