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Friday, August 28, 2009

Rooster Party

I truly have no idea why I joined this party but I do have an affinity for chickens, cows and bunnies. The former two being regal and the latter one being cute. But I thought I'd show you my chickens and tell you the story. But first of all to visit all participants in this party click here.

I've defied death to get these chickens. Yep. Okay, maybe not death, but several other threats on my life.

These two chickens belonged to my neighbor in another town. I loved those chickens and tried several times to talk her out of them. I loved that lady and she made those herself. No value to them except sentimental. Nope, she wouldn't give them up but she promised me I could have them when she died as she was much older than me. I ended up being her guardian until her death. But another relative of hers—a nasty, cantankerous old man—tried to prevent me from getting them. He had no use whatsoever for them but he was just vindictive. After she died I took them out of her house and hid them in my house. She told me they were mine. He noticed they were missing! Now, I ask you: how many old men would notice ceramic chickens conceived in a ceramics class would even want them?! I moved from there and proudly display them on my plant shelf between my kitchen and living room. They remind me of that lady every time I look at them. Value: priceless. And a pox on that mean man!

When we moved into this house I purchased this rug for our dining room at Lowe's because......I love chickens. DUH! Plus I love red on rugs. But I've been looking for a pink roses rug. Oooh, and I paid for the rug; no nasty old men told me it wasn't mine. ;-)


On our recent trip to Washington to visit with our granddaughter we passed several farms. It got me to thinking about animals so I asked Love Bunny in all seriousness what animal will continue to eat even after it's full. His answer: humans.