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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Chocolate Cookie Spring Party!

Cielo has decided to have a party celebrating the arrival of spring—for me that is here in the desert of Idaho. It's a chocolate cookie party so go to her website and check out all the wonderful recipes.

My cookies are really very simple. A friend of mine several years back brought me over some cookies and they were delicious so I asked her for the recipe. She laughed and told me and I said you're kidding, right? She said no she wasn't kidding. They were cookie dough from Wal Mart! Ever since that time I've bought their cookie dough and just sliced and baked. Hubs does it also for the families he visits each month. I don't think I could do any better than this, chicks. They are truly delicious and since they're "slice and bake" and I'm an old lady, I'll continue to use them!

Oooooh, and the donuts you see peeking out there??? I had to have some fortification while baking, ya know. *Smilin' at ya!*