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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Exchange Student Experiences and a Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago, I had a giveaway. The prize was never claimed, or in other words, they never answered me as to where to send it to them. Therefore, I'm again giving away this little ribbon tree and a dozen paper roses in the next week or two. I'd stay tuned and visit here often to see when I'm giving it away. Leaving a comment, become a follower, and give me a way to get in contact with you and you're in for the drawing! That'll do it. Easy Peasy, gals!

Not these; they're for my home, but I'll make some just like them.

Many years ago we hosted some exchange students. Our first was Rafael from Spain.

He was the perfect student and house guest. We loved having him for the school year he was here. His father, a lawyer, and mother came over with his younger brother to visit and go skiing in the Idaho ski country and they were delightful.

Then we had a girl from Spain. She came over for a summer tour and was also a very good house guest. She came back for a month or so to visit but she never went to school over here. She loved the USA though.

Then we had David from the Republic of Georgia. That didn't go well at all. He was a charmer but definitely a communist. He stole checks from me and forged my name. Luckily, the bank became suspicious and called me. I got the police involved and would have sent him packing but another family took pity on him and took him in. I doubt they regretted it but they probably wouldn't do it again. That was when I told hubs I'd never ever host another person. Just too much responsibility.

Sometimes you just fall in love with everything on the post you are creating. That is the situation here.

While I like blue, it's not a color I use a lot. But this small area of a kitchen made me smile. I think it's quite cute.

While this style of beach chair is making a comeback, I remember the original ones back in the 40s. They can now be made with any color or pattern of duck or canvas fabric so they are friendly to adding style instead of just plain ol' beige duck fabric.

Blue again! Another fabulous dining room.

Okay, I'm seeing a trend in this post: blue. This is a stunning kitchen, dining, whatever room.

I'm really not into little girls' rooms but I couldn't pass this one up. I would like to see this in Miss Caroline's room, but her room is definitely cute in pink and purple.

Again, blue and with Cath Kidston elements thrown in also.

This lids and bins underneath the shelf are cleverly done with style.

I thought you'd like to see these darling jewelry holders.

Okay, orange is my least favorite color as I've said several times before. This, however, is gorgeous with the pink, red and purple to offset the orange.

Photos courtesy of google images, pinterest and tumblr.