My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Fancy "Schmancy" Chandeliers

I love decorating my home. Anything I do to it brings joy to me. I think Jack likes it; although, no matter what I do to it pleases him because it pleases me! He treats me like a queen. Imagine a retired Marine (a true man's man) living in a pink roses girly girl house!!

We used to have a very formal dining room with a 60 yr. old crystal chandelier, but we didn't entertain in it very much so it was a useless room. I do NOT like useless rooms, so in this house it is just a small area off the kitchen. When all the kids and grandkids come we put in the 2 leaves and scrunch around the table, but it's cozy and I love having it because it is used every day. NOT useless.

We have a hanging chandelier but it is nowhere near "shabby" until I added greenery and some hanging sachets that I sell on my website. (Hide in plain sight!) I want a "fancy schmancy" crystal chandelier with little shabby roses shades and beads and prisms. Jack said we don't need it; that this one works just fine. Now I want you to just take a guess on who is going to win here!! :-)