My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Went Shopping and Pink Saturday 8/15/09

I went shopping several days ago and found these gorgeous pink froufrou feather/down pillows that go perfectly with my walls, living room sofa and curtains. Squeeeeeeeal. I cannot believe that I first thought I could live without them. I must have had a lapse of memory or something, chicks!

And how about this darling little plate?!! It says: "I never met an indulgence I didn't like." My motto..........okay, ONE of my mottos! I have many, ya know.

Dinner at a restaurant the other night resulted in a discussion with the waiter about flying and I said I didn't fly anymore and he said he hated it also. He said with all the plane crashes he just didn't like to fly and then asked me why I hated flying now. I simply told him I've never fallen 50,000 ft. out of a Toyota Camry. He understood that perfectly.