My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Exchange

I did a Christmas exchange with a group of women.

Beautiful vintage sugar bowl which she turned into a pin cushion. I shall display it gladly. Beautiful!
Can you tell I'm taking pictures on top of all the drop cloths in the dining room, kitchen and living room??? Hah......

This soap has the most wonderful and fragrant smell! I put it in my guest bath to fragrance up "le bain"!!

Okay, these chocolate covered peanuts didn't last out the day........uuhhhh, actually, they didn't last our the 1/2 hour! Painter and I split them. Darling magnet for my fridge. My fridge only has beautiful things on it. Roses and frou-frou calendars. There is also some wild huckleberry tea. Huckleberries grow wild out here in the west. Delicious.

And a sweet note from a simply lovely lady who does exquisite mosaics. And you should see this chickadee's house in Wyoming!!!!! Wooooooeeee, it's really something. She's a girly girl like me........;-)